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  1. Fair Cop

    I have a site hack for working on Skye, it's a Citroen Nemo van, great little thing for grifting along the deserted roads on Skye. Know I shouldn't, but I'm in and out of the van that much that I rarely put my driver's seat belt on, I just stick the passenger seat belt clip into my drivers...
  2. Strange rock on Skye

    Took this last week Old man of Storr, near Portree :thumbup: Normally covered in mist, but not last week :D
  3. Hudders and his biatch hit Portree

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Will the village ever be the same again ? I was heading from Portree going south when I saw little and large heading towards Portree giving it big ones. :thumbright: WTF ??? ---- I thought they were going to be up here on Thursday?? Anyways, gave them a wave, they probably didn't recognize me...
  4. The Vectra is gone, Long live the Skoda

    Well my trusty Vectra SRI has finally kicked the bucket. After 120 000 miles of hooning around the West Coast roads of Scotland, I've decided to part company with the old girl. Time for a change, so I went and bought this little beauty Picked her up in Newcastle last weekend, absolute...
  5. Splashing to the North West

    With a little time to reflect, thought I’d post up a wee summary of a short trip from 2nd to 1st home, Edinburgh to Gairloch + return, via Uig and Braemar. Decided to inject a little adventure into it, so booked on the Malliag – Armadale ferry at 10.55; figured it’d take circa 5 hrs to get...
  6. Race home

    Had a great run home from Skye tonight :thumbup: In the car unfortunately. Left Skye in the afternoon, pulled up behind a car just North of Portree. Knew he was making good progress, so I tucked in behind him, hoping he would take the top road home by GlenCarron and Achnasheen. We built up a...
  7. Routes for the '09 National

    Past National Meets
    Below are a few ideas for rides in & around the Highlands. These are just suggestions for rides that have given myself and a few others up this end of the island a very pleasant day out on the bike. They are all "on road" as riding off road up here is a bit more restricted than down south...
  8. Applecoss and Skye and only one midge bite!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Apologies to Rick, may be meet up next time , set off before I got your PM.. sorry mate Well the weather was superb, and had a weekend to my self.. wife off on a girlie pamper trip with sister & daughter..... soo Dropped them off in Aberdeen a 1400hrs.. 1500hrs tent ( new Kayam biker, need...