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  1. piston ring set

    hi i have an XR400 standard bike, i live in portugal and parts are hard to get, i am looking for piston ring set and top half gasket set with valve seals any idea where to get them in uk thanks kevin.:cool:
  2. Barney bodget pannier brackets part deux

    This might not interest anyone, except those with some spare Nonfango panniers. It might not interest them either, but hey! :D Just received my newly ordered Givi pannier brackets for my new to me 700. as I had the nonfango panniers, the made up brackets as well and these were last fitted to my...
  3. What´s your plan for 2017?

    What´s your plan for 2017? Our "list" for next year: a short trip over the Alps in early summer and from late September on for the rest of the year through Spain and Portugal. Where are you going to ride in 2017? Cheers Frank
  4. Portugal

    Touratech are creating a database of adventure routes through Europe. The first one is in Portugal and available for download.
  5. Spoke size for front rim and rear rim

    Africa Twin
    Good afternoon everyone, I live in Portugal and I wanted to order online some new spokes (stainless steel) for my Africa Twin RD07 from 1993, I need it for the front rim and for the rear rim. Does anyone know to length / size of the spokes? I believe that the rear rim has at least two...
  6. Wanted: RD07A Africa Twin headlight

    For Sale / Wanted
    When chasing one of the faster guys down on the Tour of Portugal rally a few weeks ago, me and the bike caught some roost and later discovered that i'd stupidly left the headlight protector off and as such have smashed a headlamp. Bugger! As such i need a replacement, its the offside one thats...
  7. Rallying in 2016

    Competitions / Trials
    Just wondering if anybody else was planning on doing any rally raid type events this year? I'm currently signed up on the AT for the Tour of Portugal in March, planning on doing as much of the ATRC and rally moto cup as possible in the UK, and funds dependent, fancy Rally Albania and possibly...
  8. My first TA and all mods

    Hello everybody. I'm from Portugal and my english it's not so good,i hope you can understand what i write. After having a lot of motorcycle a stop some years,because of the family and some months ago i star again with a yamaha xt600,but it's the right bike for me.I would like to have a AT but...
  9. Advice on 'Certificate of Conformity'

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm moving to Portugal from the UK and need a 'Certificate of Conformity' so that I can import my 2003 Africa Twin .Honda won't issue on the grounds that it's too old and off road . Any ideas how I can get round this ? Thanks very much :-)
  10. Innr tube size query

    Africa Twin
    Inner tube size query Hi folks, Just had a puncture on the rear of my @ in the middle of Portugal. Several hours of sweat later got it fixed. Question is the only replacement I could get my hands on as the spare is 4.00/4.60 17 for my 140/80 17 rear, is this going to be ok to...
  11. R3 - Rumo Rally Raid

    Africa Twin
    This weekend was held in Almeirim, Portugal, the first R3 - RUMO RALLY RAID, a rally filled with roadbook navigation, organized by the experienced Luís Lourenço, which for those unfamiliar is the adventurer that has just came from a very long trip in the south america in his Africa Twin...
  12. Porto - DAKAR - Porto

    Africa Twin
    Hello there guys! So this is my big adventure for the end of this year, a 11.000 km expedition from Porto, in Portugal, to Dakar, and back. Its also part of the Dakar Desert Challenge: Taken from the organization site, here is a brief explanation about the journey: "The Dakar Desert...
  13. - new site, AT's in action from Portugal!

    Africa Twin
    Hey there guys! For all of you Africa Twin lovers, check out our new website and see how these 5 AT's usually ride in Portugal! After more the 10k of visitors to our blog, and a youtube channel in wich one of our videos has more then 30k of visualizations, it was time to...
  14. Going anywhere??

    Hey chaps Im new to this site. Im very keen to get out there and get my bike a bit dirty. Was wondering if anyone is keen to take a trip somewhere. Not too fussed where as long as it is not too much tarmac and motorways. Would like to go anytime from now as long as its before the winter. Was...
  15. Hotel & B&B recommendations for North West Spain and Portugal. Please!

    Hi guys and girls. Slight change of plan, booked the ferry to Santander in October hoping for warmer weather than The Alps. Has anyone got a good recommendation for a hotel or B&B? We know one in the picos but any others would be greatfully received. Thankyou!!
  16. portugal

    well of tomoz to faro on my crf250l not to far 3200 there and back
  17. V7 Scrambler

    Moto Guzzi
    ITALIAN MOTOR magazine: V7 Scrambler from Portugal
  18. Honda Africa Twin

    Honda Africa Twin

  19. Portugal2012RideReport-9


  20. Portugal2012RideReport-8