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  1. Africa Twin a member of the Portuguese Africa Twin community, i wish you a happy birthday Jonhathan!:cheers:
  2. Chatter
    Posted this in "Chatter" because it's of general interest: This is a preview of the "Salon International de la Moto" Paris Motorcycle Show starting in September. ... and scroll down a bit! Rough translation...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi.. here at portugal, some AT owners (my self inclued), have taken the matter of the facet fuel pump another way.. Being the main problem, that the contacts of the pump wear out because of the use, an elctronic engineer made up a schematic of how to use a relay in order to be it to do the...
  4. Chatter
    I´m a portuguese guy that rides a 2004 Transalp, it´s my first bike and only done 7200 miles on it yet. I was invited to join in by Yen, that knows me from I see there must be some knowledge about these bikes here, which´s nice since I don´t have much, so I´ll just browse...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hello everyone. I am originally from Portugal, but live in the u.s. I am going to be going home every year from now on, and since i like bikes i am looking to purchase a bike in Portugal for my holiday get aways. I like the AT because i like the big trailie style, and the portuguese streets are...
1-5 of 5 Results