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  1. 700 TA

    Hi, Got a 2008 700 TA in december, stuck it in the garage - the Mrs has then filled the garage with crap so I can't get in from the garden and the youngest's car has broken down in front so I can't get in the front, hence the possibly silly question. Want to get a paddock stand for it (cheaper...
  2. Wanted: NX650 / Transalp 600 front master cylinder

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a decent condition front master cylinder from either an NX650 Dominator (1998 - 1996) or a Transalp 600 (94-96). Or possibly an XL125 Varadero (03-04). It's actually to fit to a Moto Guzzi V50, and I need an 11mm bore...... Any offers?
  3. Petcock o-ring 16958KM9005

    Hi, I need a new o-ring for my fuel petcock. Rather than order an original honda part which will take a couple days to me (and possibly bug the honda place where I just picked up what I actually needed via another order), I was just going to source a generic o-ring for this tomorrow, then I can...
  4. Replacement engine Transalp '87, which fits?

    I bought a '87 Transalp and is possibly needs another engine (front cilinder has 0 compression and is 'rattling'). I'm gonna pull the engine out anyway to check out the condition, but I'm not too positive. This Transalp has the black engine, do the newer gray engines also fit?
  5. For Sale: a line on customisable shrouded cables for securing items to bikes

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hola, A friend of mine, based in Lithuania, has a line on steel cables that can be used to secure items to bikes. As far as I know, thickness can be 2, 3 4 or 6mm (possibly also other thicknesses) and the length is customisable. There'd be a loop at either end and it'd be shrouded in 2mm...
  6. 05 varadero carbs 125

    Hey everyone. I had a leak from my carbs and the only way to find the leak was to remove them. I had a mobile mechanic come round and he removed them so i could get some new hoses and clips and give them a good clean out. Anyway, he has now let me down, the bike is sat in my back garden in...
  7. Wanted: WANTED xr250 tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, I'm after a large tank and possibly a rally fairing for an xr250. I'm in north yorkshire and have cash waiting. Condition not really important aslong as it's not leaking. Willing to travel to pick it up so let me know what you have. Thanks, Nathan
  8. Info needed on this import bike

    Other Honda
    Hi everyone. I have acquired a Honda CL400 and very pleased with it so far. There is hardly any info available on the web so at the moment I have no manual or even a handbook. The engine is apparently the same as that in a XR400 (or KR400?) so I should be able to service the engine OK. - but the...
  9. For Sale: Honda XR650 R

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For sale: Honda XR650 R, about 30,000km, 2005 model. Will start and run well, tons of power but been well used. Spare rear wheel, 24l Acerbis tank and a box, possibly 2, of spares. Will try for photos in the next week or so, but's in my garage with LOADS of other stuff, so no point at the...
  10. Rallying in 2016

    Competitions / Trials
    Just wondering if anybody else was planning on doing any rally raid type events this year? I'm currently signed up on the AT for the Tour of Portugal in March, planning on doing as much of the ATRC and rally moto cup as possible in the UK, and funds dependent, fancy Rally Albania and possibly...
  11. Left fork leg cover

    Africa Twin
    Wondering if anyone knows if a later 750 left fork cover would fit on a 89AT? I like the looks of it versus the cover over the entire disc, maybe one from an RD04 possibly? Thanks
  12. SLR Seat recommendations re. comfort

    Dominator / FMX
    I am delighted with the performance of my SLR now that I have debaffled etc. However I would be interested in any options that might be available to make the seat more comfortable or possibly a different seat that might fit Anybody use these gel packs that strap on to existing seat from a...
  13. Wanted: XR400 or Similar for Green Laning

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, i am looking for a green laner, possibly and XR 400 or something in the same vein, reliable and pretty much low maintenance. I have a black 03 plate CCM R30 at the mo which i am willing to part ex/swap for the right bike but if not just an outright purchase.. So what is there about in...
  14. For Sale: Original Honda Africa Twin XRV750 RD07 Exhaust

    For Sale / Wanted
    Genuine Original Honda exhaust. Removed from: 1995 Honda Africa Twin RD07 Will almost certainly fit others also (eg. RD07a series), possibly also others (eg. RD04 series), please check for yourself prior to purchase. Amazingly good condition for age. No visible rust, only a couple of minor...
  15. High mudguard Transalp 600

    Morning All, I'm toying with the idea of fitting a Supermoto/MX style high mudguard to my 89 Alp partly because I like the way they look and also because I hope to have a go at some green laning and read a few posts about mud possibly clogging under the standard mudguard. Does anyone who has...
  16. Wanted: TTR 250R wanted or other small cylinder bike

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi- I already have a raid & need another one!...or similar style basic bike...possibly upto a 350CC Can anyone point me in the right direction...I have checked on Ebay and a TTR is for sale...but the chap forgot to mention its a non runner in the advert!:rolleyes: Regards rod
  17. For Sale: Transalp fork extender/shock raiser

    For Sale / Wanted
    Transalp fork extender/shock raiser Bought from a Transalp rider in Estonia. Fits pd06 forks and shock (possibly other models too). You’ll need a shock builder to remove the old bracket and affix this one. never got round to fitting these to my bike. Forks can be extended by up to 80mm, the...
  18. front sprocket output shaft spline....potential fault please will members enlighten

    AS newbie to this site, I have been told that this is a potential fault with the Transalp....does this relate to a particular model? 600/650/700 as I would have thought Honda would have rectified it! or does it relate to poor maintenance/ not using OEM parts? or possibly over tightening the...
  19. Dynojet

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, just bought an XRV, 1999. Just stripped the carbs to review and clean. Noticed that was running with larger jets etc seem to recall 124 for mains. Reviewing the Dynojet instructions from web page they recommend drilling out the vacuum slide. Both outer slide holes need expanding, but...
  20. Longer cables (throttle-, clutch-, breaking-, and choke)?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Iam planning to add both fork slugs (height increase 4,5 centimeters) and bar risers (3,5 inch, but pivoting forward - say 5 centimeters extra height) to my newly acquired AT RD04 (build thread coming soon...). I believe this will cause a need for longer cables/hoses, possibly all four...