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  1. Transalp
    it stuttered and went to one pot at the traffic lights yesterday then cleared and was OK .rode it tonight and it is intermittent between tickover and 3000 rpm stuttering and going to one pot then clearing. i thought plugs and caps would be a good start but i am struggling to identify the caps...
  2. Transalp
    1989 TA 600, 55,000 miles. I ride in London, so it's pot hole and speed hump heavy, the bike seems to to have developed harsh front suspension, it really crashes and bangs over the bumps, almost like it's not soaking up the bumps like it used to (unless the potholes have got worse) Would...
  3. Transalp
    Just finished the bike, all painted and looking good. Went for a ride today. Stopped off for a coffee. Put my left foot down and into a pot hole, hence the bike went over and trashed the left front fairing panel:mad: So if anyone has one going for a fair price, I would be very happy man. Also...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi all, An odd but important question - are the clutch and stator covers made of aluminium, pot metal or something different? Am about to start a rebuild and I would like to put an anodised plating on them, but need to know what the material is. Does anyone know for certain? Thanks, James
  5. XL
    Does anyone know any good green lanes in herts ? Found a few round potters bar , Hertford area but Would be good to find some more , cheers !
  6. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Met up with Dirt Monkey at the weekend for a potter round the lanes around the North Downs. More mud than expected but was generally dry and fairly easy going. Looking for more people to join the next one... come on lads, you know you want to!! Slidey.
  7. Travel
    We will be flying into New York on Saturday 3rd May and picking our bike up on Monday 5th May so looking for recommendations for somewhere to stay in or very near to New York for two nights. Must be reasonably convenient (bus, Train or Taxi) for JFK Airport and not outrageously expensive...
  8. Chatter
    Can anyone give me a clue please? mechanic says my 04 is running lean on the front plug on one pot, plug is very white. talking about up-jetting the carb? My skills are nill so I will pass the thread on so he can see it. Thanks in advance Ivan
  9. Transalp
    I am enjoying my new transalp xl700 but never having had a v twin before i wanted some advice. When i am pottering around on back roads at about 45mph in top at 3000 ish rpm am I labouring the engine. it feels a bit lumpy but maybe thats how v twins are meant to feel or should i shift down to 4th ?
  10. Chatter
    hi all. right i know im going to sound a right divvy here but i want to know what im doing wrong? ive tryed and tryed to wheelie my xr125 but i cant do it :( (dont worry im not doing them on road i want to keep my licence lol) can someone help me? ive looked on youtube for tips how to do it but...
  11. Africa Twin
    Got brembo 4 pot caliper mounted today and all seems be lining up nicely and brakes feel very nice spaced disc out with 3mm spacers and caliper and hangar just sloted in nicely Had grind 2mm off rear of caliper (hated doing it) but have about 0.5 - 1mm air gap between spokes and caliper They...
  12. Chatter
    Madame Moon took N°1 daughter out for some clothes shopping this afternoon. Judging by what they've come back with, N°1 must be about 10 years older than I thought... it's all black! Rolling stones T shirts, large baggy drapy T shirts etc... & here's me thinking, she's only 10, 'nother few...
  13. Africa Twin
    My RD03 today came to a stand still ?? it ran on one pot , if you rev it pops n bangs runs on one & no power? Not sure whats up with it yet after pushing it a mile home (bastardddddddddddddd!!) Any thing to check befor i take it to bits any help would be great to get the lardy old girl back...
  14. Chatter
    I've just seen a Kawasaki W650 for sale - I rather like the look of them. I don't need another bike, but I'm rather tempted, it's a bit different, and I've not had anything like it before. Has anyone had one? Anything to watch out for? I realise they're not the fastest bike in the world, but it...
  15. Chatter
    Whilst reading the Evening Standard I came across an article about a couple who had run up a rather large bill in a restaurant and then whilst pretending to be smoking outside, had run off without paying. The bill for dinner came to £586 including service of about £70! The owner complained that...
  16. Transalp
    Hi. I've a wee problem with my XL600V. Sometimes it starts on one pot and the rev counter stops working? After a short ride, 1 or 2 miles, it runs fine and the rev counter works again. It can run for days before it happens again but only happens from cold. Any ideas. Cheers
  17. The Longest Day
    ...from Carole Nash Insurance! Thanks very much! :D :thumbup:
  18. Africa Twin
    When I collected the bike i bought of flebay during the week it didn't fire up on 2 cylinders and seemed quite lumpy. It warmed up then picked the front cylinder up and seemed OK. I wasn't too woried about this, figured it must just be carburation or electrical. Sat down yesterday morning...
1-18 of 20 Results