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  1. For Sale: Honda VFR800Fix 1895 Lovely condition

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Take a peek at pics, etc over here
  2. SLR/FX 650 Exhaust

    Dominator / FMX
    I could not find a thread on this specifically and I have spent ages reading through various threads looking for advice on what might fit. I have a low mileage 1999 FX650 which I use as winter warrior and trailie. I have the FMS smog reduction kit on but mainly untouched in terms of intake and...
  3. For Sale: Hepco & Becker Junior Panniers 30L pair

    For Sale / Wanted
    **EDIT Price reduced from £250 to £220, any takers??** Further reduced to just £180 of your finest English pounds. Right, this is the chance to grab em before they get put on that auction site. For sale, Hepco & Becker Junior Panniers 30L, left and right. They're in practically new...
  4. For Sale: Honda Africa Twin

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda Africa twin for sale. 2000 HRC colours, 30,000 miles. New Tyres. Morad Rims and Stainless spokes. Custom steel carrier rack. Micron exhaust. Perspex headlamp protectors. Baglux Tank Bag. K and N Air Filter. Acerbis Handlebar guards. Excellent condition. Mot 2013. Tax Dec 2012. Asking 3500...
  5. Tyres to choose...

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi, sorry for the silly question, but I had no idea about the differences between different tyres, and I dont want to buy the worst one. I have to get a new pair of tyres to my beloved XR600V, and I would like to hear your recommendations. I dont want to spend more then 120 pounds (60-60 each)...
  6. Am I alone..

    In being really pissed off about the Olympics? All we see on the telly and radio is Olympic that and Olympic that. Real news seems to be relegated to the last few minutes of the bulletins where traditionally the cat stuck up tree stories reside. As for the cost. So far, depending who you...
  7. A new arrival

    It looks like my 1200 will be getting a little brother in the garage tomorrow :) My son has just bought a F650GS and floods permitting we should be picking it up tomorrow. It's a wee cracker. Not perfect, but for a 10 year old bike it's a goodun. Comes with full BMW service history and three...
  8. value of AT engine and other bits

    Africa Twin
    hello AT'ers after a long drawn out process my box of bike parts has finally arrived in darwin AU but I'm having problems with customs they say i can't bring them in as personal items and i need to declare how much they are worth.does anyone have an idea what an RD07A engine with 60000 miles...
  9. Transalp 600 shock absorber options

    Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before, but a quick forum search didn't reveal much. I've got a TA600 which I use mainly for trail riding and the standard shock wore out - damping gone. I've been trying to find a decent secondhand one but of the 2 or 3 I've tried most have little to no...
  10. Sunday Times rich list

    Being worth £411 million pounds and making £26 million pounds you would think there's enough spare cash to make a decent fault free motorcycle
  11. Am i a funny shape or what ?????

    Don't know if anybody else is having this problem, but i need some new jeans for work and dossing around in. I've tried several places locally and the supermarkets and every pair that i've tried on have the same problem at the moment. I can get them which fit my waist fine and the length of leg...
  12. For Sale: Shark Vision-R helmet, 4 months old and like new; black/orange

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have to sell my nearly new Shark Vision-R helmet. I really liked this, it has am amazing field of view that makes other lids feel claustrophobic. Only slight flaw that it can get a bit warm inside in hot weather at low speeds. Unfortunately the fit just isn't right for my head :( Read...
  13. Alan moped

    another classic ebay sale ALAN the MOPED | eBay UK 'ALAN' - one of only 30 million ever made - It is widely believed (by me) that this unassuming little moped was the original training bike of the 'Ghost Rider' (please see photo 1 for documented proof) Looking resplendant in non-original...
  14. useless purchase

    ok, i`m feeling stupid (normal:toothy10:). have just purchased the most useless gizmo ever. i have paid 18 pounds plus shipping to buy honda transparent film to protect my tank from scratches from my tank bag....all i ended up receiving was one,repeat 1 single piece of film in size
  15. Advice wanted!

    Typed this and posted it but managed to blow the gig so here goes again! I'm posting this here as I don't want to put an advert up unbtil I know what I am aiming for, hope that's alright? April 1996 Suzuki GV 1200 blew me off in Essex and put me in a coma with brain damage and not expected to...
  16. 10/10 for trying

    I've snuck away for a few days with the wife, she forgot her hair brush and the hotel shop did not sell them, two days later they have a box full for sale,excelent service however the price for a cheap plastic brush worth a quid is ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE POUNDS, that's three weeks pay for the lady...
  17. Engine noise in neutral

    just going over the newly acquired xl600v - p (93) with a fine tooth comb (would help if I had X-ray vision but there you go, oh and a decent working space). The biggest niggle I've found at the moment, apart from the short, bodged exhaust, the worn sprockets (£200 pounds, yikes!), and the worn...
  18. Used Dominator Stock Exhausts on Ebay (model 2002)

    Dominator / FMX
    Anybody interested let me know NX650 EXHAUST ( AUSPUFF ) ( R / L ) DOMINATOR HONDA 90 pounds each 19 + 5 post I accept offers. Thanks
  19. a tribute to dreaming of a twin!

    Africa Twin
    ok, so this is where it started....its a long story (year long) but all dreams start somewhere, and all i could afford was an old x-military honda XR500. made it "look" legal, faked the MOT, faked a bike license, welded two steel trunks to the side, and set of to Zambia for an undercover job to...
  20. Bike luggage travels uninsured

    Standard motorcycle policies do not cover adventure bikes' luggage - panniers or topboxes - or at best only cover it when locked to the bike. This could leave thousands of pounds of luggage uninsured at this weekend XRV national meet in Rosdale, Yorkshire. Carole Nash Carole Nash confirmed...