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powder coating

  1. For Sale: Varadero 1000 Sat Nav Mount

    For Sale / Wanted
    Suitable for 2003-2012 models only. Made of mild steel & satin black powder coating, supplied with stainless steel fixings & a genuine 1” Ram Ball. There is the option of fitting an additional 2 devices with extra Ram Balls. £50 including UK mainland delivery
  2. Bar ends and renthals

    Africa Twin
    My AT has a set of bars on that are too short for the handgrips(a cheap quick replacement by the previous owner). I have the originals but they are slightly bent, so rather than powder coating them, I was lookig at the Renthal Enduro high bars. Question is...will the original bar ends and...
  3. Copper washer on magnito casing side

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Putting casing back on after blasting + powder coating. Kept all bolts in position through a piece of cardboard. One of the 3 long bolts that holds the outside cover of the stater / pick-up cover on has a copper washer on it. I cannot remember putting it on the bolt, but must have done !! Does...
  4. Honda Varadero centre stand fitting instructions - OE Honda

    Hi there Just wondering if anyone has the fitting instructions for the Honda OE centre stand for the Varadero (1000)?? If so, could you please scan and upload here, or I can PM you my email address. Just given her a good thorough clean and noticed the stand could do with removing and...
  5. a question of rims and finishings

    Africa Twin
    Clearly the STD Honda surface finish for their did rims is or was a bit rubbish, given the reports of corroded rims. So what's the alternative? Rims from other manufacturers that don't corrode? Powder coating? I just don't know.... Anyone?
  6. For Sale: 650 Transalp alloy panniers & Touratech racks

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bit impromptu but need to clear some stuff & I can't see me doing many 2 up trips in the forseeable.....! Touratech pannier racks, very sturdy, used but pretty good, a little bit of the paint/powder coating is lifting at the edges but they have only been fitted when using the panniers so no...
  7. Frame color code

    Africa Twin
    Hi from Norway and currently -8´C :( Can anyone tell me how I can find the correct color code on the frame of a 1996 Africa Twin? I´m sending of the frame for powder coating on Monday, so it would have been good to know what the silver color code is. If someone know the code and if it´s a RAL...
  8. RD03 Rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Picked up a nice enough bike a few weeks back, but the intension was to always have a project. Bike was stripped the same weekend and the frame went off for powder coating - unfortunately I choice the only powder coated in the area that has a faulty oven so after being away for 3 weeks it's...
  9. Color code for powder coating RD07a parts

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I have to repaint some parts (foot pegs, foot peg holders, etc.) and I'll have them powder coated. Some parts have to be black, some silver. Does anybody know the accordant color codes? There is a sticker near the battery compartement that reads NH-1 on the first line and NH1 on the...
  10. Carb problem on 1999 Transalp

    My Transalp will only run on one cylinder on idle, it will pick up and run fine from about 2.5K rpm upwards. It's the rear cylinder and I have had the carbs off and apart numerous times. Bike has been off the road for last 12 months as I've been rebuilding it after getting powder coating and...
  11. Not another flat tracker.

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings from Denmark. I thought I would write an update about how my flat tracker is getting on. As some of you might be aware, my CRF250R exhaust got ripped off from outside my gaff last month but Post Denmark kindly coughed up the insurance money as it was...
  12. wot no decent bike mechanics

    Dominator / FMX
    Starting to realize that the old fashioned bike mechanic with a, I can do that attitude, are a dying breed spent the afternoon after taking time off work to try finding an old skool mechanic that could do my M.O.T and do the required work as with work and commitments its near impossable to get...
  13. For Sale: Palmer screen adapter kit varadero 1000 and givi e222 base plate

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys I've sold my bike so selling a couple of extras I added to it, Palmer screen adapter kit with black powder coating in excellent condition only a couple of months old Cost me new £76 including delivery will sell for £50 including delivery. Also for sale givi e222 base plate as new...
  14. Powder Coating

    What sort of price range should I be looking at to get my givi pannier racks powder coated? Ive had my exhausts changed for some shiny new Quill cans, and thought I might as well get the racks sorted while they were off the bike.
  15. Which one to do up?

    Africa Twin
    Going to do one project but have had both bikes for 8 year and don't know which one to spend the money on. They both look rougher than they do on the photographs and the Africa Twin is more rough than the Dominator, both are used all-year round and both are salt damaged. What is an average spend...
  16. Powder coating color advice

    Tomorrow I will take my bike's frame to the painters to get powder coated, but I still don't know the desired color's RAL code. Please have a look on the picture below and let me know what is the equivalent RAL code for the gold color. I also appreciate any advice before I hand them the parts...
  17. Frmae number on an XL125

    Hello everyone. I've just purchased a job lot of XL125 parts, I believe from an 1976 model. Amongst the goodies there is a frame in very good condition that has been recently powder coated. My understanding is that the Frame number should be 11 digits (is that correct?). Looking at mine...
  18. For Sale: RD07/RD07a crash bars with fixings

    For Sale / Wanted
    *****SOLD***** As title, I have upgraded to a new set of crash bars with front light protector so have these spare. If you were being picky and want a mint set they could do with shot lasting and powder coating but not damaged. £40 collected from Huntingdon or London NW1 or £45 posted by courier
  19. Powder Coating around London?????

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know of any good powder coaters in or around London? Having reached the point where I downed tools and gave up on my frame at the weekend I thought it prudent to pay someone to complete the frame before I lose all motivation but don't want to entrust it to an unknown!!!! Anyone got any...
  20. Vapour Blasting, Blast Cleaning and Powder Coating

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I recently had some parts blasted and powdercoated at a local business, which I was really pleased with and felt was worth a recommendation. South Coast Blast Cleaning and Powdercoating Transit Road, Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9 0BB. 01273 515513 Nothing fancy, a genuine one man band...