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  1. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Anyone know what this is? Found it in the corner of a field, middle of no where. Wasn’t locked, the door was counterweighted and came up really easily. I didn’t climb down it, the lid looked a little too likely to drop shut for my liking.
  2. Chatter
    If any of you have a hotline to Yen....can you get him to contact Pete at MaximumBikes asap? I have mailed him but it could have gone in his spam box and he hasn't seen it! It's quite if you know where the scruffy sod is (he won't be outside cleaning his bike that's for...
  3. Africa Twin
    Some years back, at the first ever Working Bee weekend, held in Essex, Yen taught a few of us about changing tyres. He also recommended I bin the tyre levers I had an bought some decent ones. Well I just removed two rear and two front tyres on on my lonesome without scraping any knuckles or...
1-4 of 5 Results