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  1. Rear light relocation program

    Africa Twin
    I really love the looks of the AT, but to me the rear light and plastic protector don't do the bike justice. So I relocated the rear light to sit flush with the fairing and removed the plastic protector (I know, not practical, but hey, stripe of dirt on the back adds to my image...) Original...
  2. HU Travellers meeting in Romania

    Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide and Moto-Camp Cisndioara, helped by a handful of friends, organizes the first Horizons Unlimited traveler meeting in Romania at Sebeşu de Sus, Sibiu County, at the foothills of the Făgăraș Mountains. There will be at a lot of presentations about traveling to exotic...
  3. Excel rims

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I have a FMX and want to put bigger rims on it (18” back 19” front) using the same hubs, any practical reason I can’t? Many thanks for your advice.
  4. Silly question, I'm sure ...

    Africa Twin
    I'm looking at getting some new rings for the AT, but I see 3 sets available. What is the number they're defined by? Is it the gap at the opening of the rings, or the thickness? And what's the practical difference between them? Have a look...
  5. Which One........Again!! RD04 v RD07

    Africa Twin
    Morning! I am on the look out for an AT but cant decide which model would best suit me! I ve used the search facility and come across a few threads discussing the models but I am still torn! I love the look and style of the RDO4 but can you still get pannier racks, screens etc or is the RD07...
  6. stick coil mod's

    Africa Twin
    so i was reading practical sportsbikes the other day, they recommend and in fact did a feature on replacing existing 1990's coils with modern stick ones, with all the benefits of newer tech. has anyone considered this with an @twin? im already running a programmable ignitech CDI along with...
  7. Potential Transalp Newbie

    Hi just moved back to the UK and am looking for a new bike. Previously had a few adventure bikes including KTM Adventures and BMW GS's but as circumstances have changed am looking for an alternative We have just had a baby so my riding is limited and therefore dont want huge sums of cash tied...
  8. Original Trip computer

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, Maybe I'm impaired regarding technology, but I cannot seem to work the trip computer on my RD07 - even with the little original XRV750 owner manual. It explains how to switch between all sorts of modes but the penny just doesn't drop for me. I know many guys reckon its a piece of crap...
  9. TA as gravel bike, what to fit ?

    Hi, I am considering using the TA for some gravel riding. What will i need apart from TKC80's ? Anyone seen a headlight grill for the 600 and a bash plate that looks really good (seen only not so nice but practical bashplates for this bike around). Is it a suitable bike for gravel touring...
  10. For Sale: Givi Maxia 52 top box (cheap)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Well used but perfectly sound, solid and durable 52ltr Givi top box. The outside is a bit faded (sure it'd come up ok with some cockpit shine/back to black etc) & there are a few marks & scrathes through general use. Solid, very practical, 2 keys, locks/hinges/catches etc all work perfectly...
  11. Another tick moment

    I've been a bit of a test ride monkey of late, love my Transalp, but the lack of 'image' has seen me test ride a Harley Sportster, Triumph Scrambler, Ducati Monster. Even tried more practical bikes like the CB500x, the NC700x, the 750X, and VStrom. Through about going back to a big retro naked...
  12. Varadero rebuild to customized adventurebike!

    Hello from Sweden!:blob8: I have the Honda XL 1000 Varadero MK1 -00, one of the best bikes i've ever had amongst the 33 I've went true. My idea about the rebuild of this bike is to build a mix between an adventurebike and a show/custombike. some may hate the looks and some may love it but my...
  13. How big a van do I need

    I may need to move my XR400 and as I don't have a van (nor a car for that matter) I was looking to hire one. Question is what size of van do I need. I know it will fit in a transit but what about something smaller? Will it fit in one of these car sized vans but with the higher back. No mirrors...
  14. Practical Sportsbikes magazine

    Does anyone here read Practical Sportsbikes magazine? I think they covered the Honda Bros (Hawk GT) RC31 sometime last year. Is this the case? If so, which month was it? Ta 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  15. XL250 restorers

    Hi all, I'm looking for owners who have restored XL250s (Motosport, K series or S models) to help with a feature in Practical Sports Bike magazine. It would involve a chat on the phone (or email if you're overseas - we're UK based) and you supplying a decent high res photo of you and your resto...
  16. Anyone fitted Stick coils to a TA, Issues?

    Read in Practical classic bike mag about fitting Stick coils to older bikes. Read elsewhere that they need to be matched to the electrical system of the bike? What's your experience/advice?
  17. Should umbrella users be treated like bikers?

    After trying to walk in London in the rain yesterday I propose a new legislative programme: Nobody be allowed an umbrella without first taking a theory and practical test. All newly qualified umbrella users to have the size of their umbrella restricted for the first two years. Anyone accused...
  18. Should speeding lead to second driving test?

    The government is consulting on having a second test that will involve double the practical element of the standard test for a whole range of driving ban offences - anything that results in a ban for more than 56 days. So riding at 100mph on a motorway, for example. You wouldn't necessarily...
  19. New Test Rules

    If you're planning on taking your test soon, you may want to check the changes being introduced from January 2013. They can be viewed at New rules for mopeds and motorcyles used for riding tests : Directgov - Motoring
  20. For Sale: Shoei hornet

    For Sale / Wanted
    After selling my Tenere i'm left with my Shoei Hornet helmet which isnt a very practical helmet for riding my new VFR. Its silver/grey in colour and a size L (59-60cm) and in absolutely superb condition These helmets cost well in excess of £300 so grab yourself a bargain. £200 ono. If your...