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  1. petrol tank storage

    Mechanical Advice
    heya, I'm just about to start work on the AT and I'm doing it in stages which means the tank'll be off for a few weeks. It'll be stored in a friend's garage - is there anything I should be aware of? A best practice for storing it? Maybe drain the tank? Or isn't it a significant issue? My main...
  2. 2015 MotoGP - where Uk Free to Air ?

    With the Qatari race one of the new season almost upon us ... And Cal Crutchlow currently second fastest in practice ! ... Can any XRV United Kingdom resident fans of MotoGP advise me of the how, the telly channel where and when, the 2015 season races can be viewed 'free to air,' whilst one...
  3. deauville engine !!

    Africa Twin
    What engine is similar to the AT 750 ie deauville etc .whey I ask is because I want to strip the engine so I can practice in anticipation that may have to do the AT hopefully not but good practice I think any thoughts folks . DV engine a bit cheaper can get hold of one for £20 ish . Mick (new...
  4. Where do I go to buy sheet metal in small quantities?

    Mechanical Advice
    Not the music. I know I pop down to Our Price or Woolies for that. No sheet metal or tubes. I want to practice arc welding with the Aldi OkeyCokey 2000 but I simply have no idea of where to even look for smallish bits of sheet metal - to hopefully make a basic bash plate in the fullness of...
  5. Dibond® anyone with experience working the stuff

    I've still got three big sheets of DiBond left over from a big advertisement job.According to their website 5mm DiBond has the same rigidity as 2mm alloy. I reckon I have enough for two panniers and a fair bit to practice on, I've got good tools but it would a waste if the stuff is not up to...
  6. Admiral - more insurance sharp practice?

    Reported on the BBC News website is the fact that some car drivers are seeing an increase in their insurance premiums after attending "speed awareness" courses. This is in spite of certain Councils and Police Forces own websites stating that a driver attending one of these courses will not have...
  7. moto gp

    go gino ,,,,,,,,,, what a rider this kid is awsome in the wet seen him at mallory on open practice days on his own supermoto passin r1`s in the corners ,,,,,,,, if youre ever lookin for summat to do on a wednesday , check out open practice at mallory part , cars am , bikes pm especially good...
  8. Plain clutch plates question - sharp edges down ?

    While I am waiting for new clutch plates to arrive, I thought I would put the clutch back together for practice. The Haynes manual explains almost everything except which way the plain plates go on. On page 91, paragraph 28 it says put the clutch centre on the bench and put the plates on. Photo...
  9. Anyone with helmet-cam knowledge out and about Peaks/E.Mids 14/15 July?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Having recently acquired a new Drift HD170 Stealth Helmet Camera for the birthday boy (Chris X), we are now stumped as to best practice as to where/how to mount it. We wondered whether any of you good cam-buffs would be up for a meet in the Peaks (Yondermans?) or more locally in the E. Mids...
  10. Muddy Wet Fun

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Met up with Nibby from ABR for a couple hours practice for the upcoming BBRC rally. Went to practice drifting but side tracked into some mud........and I got stuck and it took the 2 of us 40 mins to free the beast. I have smelt of bog all day. The missus aint happy. Esspecially as my bike...
  11. A bit of practice for Galloway

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Decided as I am takeing my son with me to the Galloway meet that we should get some practice only ment to do a couple of miles to give him an idea of what it would be like but he enjoyed it that much we ended up doing about 30 miles of track. <img class="inlineimg" title="thumbright" border="0"...
  12. Unions and restrictive practices

    Anyone else old enough to remember the good old, bad old days of unions and restrictive practices? Just found this. :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  13. How are you lot anyway ?

    Oh Deary me !! it's been a long while since the wee chap visited all you lovely XRVrs. Sorry about that, but I've been awfy busy. Residential courses at the Scottish Ambulance Academy - exams - assignments - essays - practice placements - assessments !!! God I'm too old for this !! who...
  14. Off Road Practice

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    As I've booked and confirmed for the HUMM I need to be getting out and getting some off road experience. I have been out and about on my own and will continue but its always in the back of your mind if you take a tumble and break an arm you're on yer tod. This means I can't experiment and...
  15. good practice for the elephant rally!

    anyone going to the elephant rally, grab your tents and go camping, this weather weve been having is good practice for you!
  16. BMW target practice anyone?

    Someone told me today that the BMW boxer engine was originally designed for drone target planes!! Not sure if there is any truth to that but it amused me anyway!! Guess it could be taken two ways.......the obvious best thing for them gags........or.........the complementary fact that it was...
  17. Live practice from NW200

    There's live practice from the NW200 on the BBC web-site, right now. Enjoy 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  18. Practice practice practice makes your head ache