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    ANother tale of blindly (pun intended) following the Prat-Nav - Sat-nav mix up leaves pupils in Towyn not Tywyn. Still, it was only 80 miles from where they should have been.
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    From the BBC Technology web-site - Sat-navs could affect driving ability, say researchers. Worrying quote from the story - "While they could cope with simple instructions, they started to swerve, speed up or fail to notice pedestrians if they had too much information." What was not reported...
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    The Prat Nav-ers are at it again! :D
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    Having managed to navigate from Cannock to an imaginary location in Ireland (Garren Point) via Lowestoft for last years TLD with no problems what so ever I am ashamed to admit a failure to manage the same feat over a considerably shorter distance. Set off yesterday to get down to the working...
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    Apparently, the sun is possibly entering a more active phase after a long lull in activity. The resultant increase in solar flares could mean serious problems for satellite communications - and GPS. So, stand by for millions of disgruntled...
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    Yesterday went for a ride after work and pulled up besides the Solent to phone the wife put helmet on Right handle bars to use the phone then decide after 10 minutes I would go back home to find I couldn’t start the bike as much as I turned it over with the starter motor whizzing quite happily...
1-6 of 6 Results