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  1. Motorcycle traveling preferences - C2WG Survey

    The Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project is going further and we need your help!!! We want to know your preferences when it comes to traveling on a motorcycle. The questions from the form below will help us to improve our future products in such a way they will answer your every need. Please...
  2. Wanted: Crosstourer Wanted

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am ready to buy a Crosstourer if anyone is looking at parting with theirs, no real preferences but low miles would be good. I am in a position to buy as I will be selling my Varadero afterwards. Many thanks Justin
  3. Weekend away in march.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am fancying a short weekend away in March to give the GSA a shakedown and a trial run. Just the Saturday, possibly the Friday if I can get away from work. Camping with an indoor area or a camping barn. Does anyone want to join me? Meet, Ride there, eat and drink, sleep, ride around the area...
  4. Really? It's the same is it?

    Interesting one this Basically a reporter has been criticised by a viewer for being overweight and setting a bad example. She has then used this 'complaint' as the basis for a piece on bullying. In her piece she likens her obesity to to other reasons that people are often bullied about such...
  5. Mitas E-09 tyre

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Mitas E-09 tyre – 0/5 stars CANNOT recommend. Background: I was given a brand new Mitas E-09 tyre, for free to review, by the South African distributor for use on our overland trip through South East Asia on a Honda Africa Twin. We are two-up and fully loaded. I think that the...
  6. letter

    Africa Twin
    hello people i found this letter from spanish forum, they send it in 2007 to honda spain, maybe we can do it again for all honda representatives in the world... I don't agree with everythingthey say but it's something... i use google translate... Montesa-Honda Spain Marketing and Sales...
  7. Stainless exhaust needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm in need of a stainless exhaust for my 07 The first place to start would be "best and cheapest" I’ve got a Laser on my 04 which seems to do the business Any ideas or preferences or ones to leave alone Cheers Rick
  8. Top Box

    I would like a top box for my '09 TA XL700V and wondered if anyone has any experience and/or preferences with a particular brand. My last bike has side cases but I found these slowed my commute so I only put them on when touring so hardly got used. I don't really like to but I now use a...
  9. Wanted: xr600

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys After being bikeless for a couple of years (small children...bless them!!) i'm looking to get back into the real world. Had an XR400 and loved it off road but all in all not really multi purpose for me. Am looking for a good example of a 600 or even 650. Would prefer unmodified...
  10. Fuel pipes...

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm looking to replace all the fuel pipes on my vt500 and was wondering does anyone have any recommended preferences? Opinions very much appreciated :p price is not an issue as all the ones I've seen are pennies anyway. Swifty.
  11. £100 off shoei helmet

    Discounts / Deals
    Lancaster Honda in Morecambe Lancs are offering £100 scrapage on any old helmet against a new shoei (this week only) . click on the view the online version. to print off vocher Deal of the Week Print Voucher To take advantage of this week's Deal* simply click the link above to download...
  12. Tyres

    Hi all, Another post about replacement tyres. My rear Trailwing is getting a bit thin and want to ask your advice. Should I get another trailwing for the rear and then as there is alot of tread left on the front, wait til i can replace them both together when they wear out again :confused...
  13. 525 Rallye show off

    Everything Orange - KTM
    I just thought it's about time to show my bike off ;) I've been on a market for rallye bike for few months. I wanted to get 660 Rallye from France but all the bikes I've found were unregistered at all. So it was the case of getting all relevant paperwork from KTM UK ( with unknown effect ) or...
  14. A camping weekend in the far east

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    At the Soggy Weekend Camp I was volunteered to find a suitable venue/date for a camping weekend somewhere in Norfolk. Before I start phoning around to find a suitable site, could you please let me know 1. If you're interested 2. If it was the weekend of 1st - 3rd August 3. If you have any...
  15. Stock Exhaust

    Africa Twin
    Hi there New to site and also Africa's and it is my first one (2003) and she's a beaut. Ok the questions: 1. I am thinking of changing the stock exhaust mainly for weight saving because in past experiences with my Hondas the stock exhausts are not the lightest of things and also a better...
  16. Changing oil

    Africa Twin
    Before laying my bike up for 3 months, I should have changed the oil. I am now "recommisioning" and am going to change the oil. The question is; Should I just drain the old stuff cold(including replacing the filter) or Should I run the engine until its hot, THEN drain the oil? The difference...
  17. Top boxes

    Hi, I am thinking of getting my first! The genuine Honda setup seems to be about £130, and a nice Givi setup of £250 - both in silver to match my bike. Does anyone have any preferences or comments? I have never owned this stuff so any advice appreciated.