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  1. XR
    Hi All, I am looking for a long range tank for my XR400, Clarke preferred in Red, or Acerbis of other of course. Please PM me if you have anything lurking in your garages / sheds... Thanks, Steve.
  2. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, I am looking for a Bagster / Baglux Varadero tank protector - preferred black but not necessary. I know there is lot on Ebay, but they are too expensive for me right now, so if you have a one please let me know. Thanks.
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    As title, to fit Vara 1000 2003. Black preferred. Cheers
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I'm after a very late 600, anniversary model preferred, I know they are like rocking horse [email protected]#t to get hold of and have been looking to upgrade my 93 model for some time. Maybe someone knows of one for sale, Thanks
  5. XL
    Hi, I'm looking for XL500 high lift cam. Megacycle 144-21 or 144-20 preferred... or Joy cam. Will accept a scrap one to copy profile. Thanks, Spike
  6. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for a Honda XL600LM in good original condition, obviously low miles preferred. Restored or not, I don't mind if she's got some patina but I'm going to pay a decent price for a decent bike. I will be shipping the bike to Australia. Have cash, ready to buy. Rick.
  7. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I have just purchased a Scottoiler with the intension of installing it on my 1999 Dominator. I have not yet started the installation but have read the documentation. I see that I have to connect the unit up to a vacuum source. As I have not yet taken the tank off to actually see the carb can...
  8. Varadero
    Just added a cigarette socket power point to the vara this afternoon, after much deliberation I mounted it on a piece of subframe on the left, but I was wondering if anyone's found a better place for one. The cable ties securing the unit should be ok, but I'd have preferred a more permanent...
  9. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Came across this while mooching about elsewhere, did a search for Belgium & Tanzania, this ain't there so ..... sit back, draw a glass of your preferred relaxant and enjoy. Belgium to Tanzania You're welcome
  10. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Planning a ride out, mostly on road with some easy off road bits; Taking in Salter fell roman road north out of Slaidburn, Devils bridge, single track twisties though Dent to Hawes, maybe Stalling busk (byeway) to Malham and Settle. Route's flexible. Meet up near Preston M6 ? depending on...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Hedge Hopping...? What the Hell is "Hedge Hopping" I hear you all ask...? Well let me explain... It's the new name I've given to describe an unfortunate occurrence which involves a Hedge (No prizes for guessing that one!), a motorcycle (with me on it!), and a bereft lack of Tarmac underneath...
  12. Africa Twin
    Hey all, can't believe it. I went browsing online 1 week and 1 day ago to look for a motorbike, find this site, read all about your ups and downs with your respective @s and here I am, a proud owner of a '92 RD04 and I'm loving it too!!! :D:D:D Admittedly, there's a bit of work to be...
  13. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    There seems plenty of interest for a Northern Meet. Let's provisionally put Helmsley (N.Yorks) in a 'couple' of week's for a cuppa and a ride around the North York's Moors. Any preferred dates or alternate meet points speak now or forever hold you're peace :wink: I'll add it to the calendar...
  14. Accessories
    The 600TA doesn't have a clock, so I've been using an old analogue wristwatch lashed onto the handlebars. This is fine except at night. In winter when I ride to work I want to have something that is visible all the time in the dark, without me having to press an illumination button, etc. So...
  15. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today was one of those cold, crisp days with no wind and bright blue skies :sunny: . After digging out the heavy jacket & thick gloves, dropping my Arai on the driveway (FAAAK! :evil: ) I thought today wasn't going to be my day. I needed an oil filter and usually just call David Silver Spares...
  16. Transalp
    A big hello to everyone (my first posting) I am thinking of getting a pair of GIVI E41 panniers plus the tubular mounting frame for my 2002 Transalp. Does anyone known what the pillion foot rest clearance is like i.e. can the pillion still sit comfortable on the bike? Any other recommendations...
  17. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hello there, I'm looking to try and get on to a St Johns First Aid course by the end of May. They run courses which are specifically aimed at motorcyclists, but are willing to tailor them towards the a specific groups needs (e.g. Off-road spills). I've got two options: 1. Piggy back another...
1-17 of 25 Results