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  1. Last minute storage prep

    Africa Twin
    Curious as to what last minute stuff may hel with long term bike storage again. Leave in 2 days for Europe for 3 years. I was going to fog the cylinders maybe? What should I use? I have drained tank and let air out for the last 6 weeks or so, brake fluid fairly fresh. Forgot to change oil last...
  2. European Trip - Bike Prep (RD04)

    Africa Twin
    Morning ladies & gents, In late August I'm going on a +5000km solo trip around Europe. My first trip ever...46 days off work...don't think I'll come back! :-) I've a list of questions as long as my arm but I'm trying not to be a total noob and actually search the forum for the answers...
  3. Questions on Prep. for long adventure on unknown Transalp 600 in India

    Hi there, Firstly a Big Hi from India. I bought myself a 1998 TA600 (PD10) with 67000 Kms on the clock. I am hoping that the Guru's in the forum can throw some light on the motorcycle. Here's where I am at.. My current motorcycles are XR650L and an indian imitation of the CRF230L. I got...
  4. Gunk or not to Gunk that is the question.

    Dominator / FMX
    I've spent a good bit of the day in the rain / sleet / wind trying to degrease various bits of the bike. Started of by going and buying a gallon of Gunk thinking/remembering this would cut through the grime and do the job. Gunk sure isn't what I remember it to be - despite serious scrubbing with...
  5. Laning Prep for an XR400 - carb hoses

    Evening All, Am in the final stages of prepping the XR400 I bought three weeks ago for its first laning outing this weekend. Question on carb hoses, there are two that come off the carb and run in tandem through the swingarm and under the bike. I see no problem in leaving the floatbowl drain...
  6. Whats the mechanical engineering reason for hot XR400 being hard to start post a fall

    Evening, So, having bought the XR400RY last weekend, new rubber has arrived and fitting is this weekend, Mitas EF08 front and Xtreme 764 rear. All fluids too, plus bearing checks and a variety of other "get to know you" activities - so I am starting from a known baseline. As part of my...
  7. 1989 XRV650 RD03 Restoration

    Africa Twin
    I managed to import a 1989 XRV650 RD03 from Thunder last year. As far as I know, it is one of five RD03s in North America right now (there may be more, but they have not come up on my radar yet). That makes this not only a wonderful bike in its own right, but a very rare machine that deserves to...
  8. XRV750 long trip 2 up

    Africa Twin
    Anyone done a long trip 2 up on an AT? We're planning a big trip in Oct 14. Option 1 ship to Australia and ride back to UK or option 2 ship to S. America. We'd be really grateful to hear your experiences and tips. Did you find the bike reliable and suitable? Any specific mods? Our RD07A has...
  9. Africa Twin Bearings....size's... codes???

    Africa Twin
    Hello all I am starting to prep my twin for a trip around South America. I am going to replace all bearings before I go, front & rear wheel bearings, sprocket holder bearing, head stock bearings and suspension linkage bbearings. I have want to replace with SKF bearings but I don't know what...
  10. Natures Craft Fundamentals bushcraft weekend

    Just returned from the Fundamentals bushcraft weekend with in Wiltshire run by Andy Noble. Being new to the whole bushcraft/living off the land thing I was a little apprehensive but glad I went on the course since met some great people on the course with me and the...
  11. Powder coating Vs Hammerite spray on

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm rushing & prep'ing a frame for a rebuild for next week and have just been offered a powdercoating for free on top of the bead blasting service a local garage offers. I've got tons of Hammerite spray so I can easily do 3 - 5 layers. But can anyone conclusively say if perhaps a powdercoating...
  12. Winter prep?

    Mechanical Advice
    I am now starting to think about preparing my bike against the dreaded winter sh--, sorry, salt! I am hearing good things about ACF50, has anyone here used it, is it any good, are there any alternatives? Andy.
  13. Engine Replacement Prep

    Mechanical Advice
    MODS ! Please leave this here as I want general advice from ALL forums...Thanks. Advice please....Just bought a used 600 engine for my 'Alp.(looks a bit rough...Know I'm taking a chance but they're like hens teeth........we'll see... What prep should I do to engine before fitting it? side...
  14. Powder coating. Prep advice.

    Mechanical Advice
    I plan to have some steel work that I have been woring on sand-blasted and then powder coated. However, parts of this metal work will then be bolts to other pats, so I am pre-drilling the bolt holes etc. Do I need to over-size drill holes to allow for the powder-coating material? I don't...
  15. How to prep ally for TIG welding? (or is it MIG, me forgets)

    Bodgers Corner
    Given that the hurdles are coming up faster than I can jump them when prepping my Ural for Siberia, I'd be mad to give my self another to contend with, wouldn't I? It seems that my grand schemes to mount two jerry cans around the back are coming to nought so maybe I should make my own, ally...
  16. Help! @ Prep for touring

    Africa Twin
    Okay here goes, I am touring Norway,Finland,Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,and Poland in a few weeks, it is my first tour with the AT. I usually put my bikes in the mechanics before i go touring to prep the bike, but this time i am paying for two and i need to save some pennies, plus the fact i am so...