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  1. Presentation from Spain and painting question.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I´m Sergio, from Spain, I´ve got an ´97 Rd08 Domi,bought last year with 50000 km. Now, it´s dissasembled to change the starting clutch.I¨ll make an tutorial with photos about the job, now I´m waiting the piece and relative cover´s gasket. My question is about painting the alternator cover...
  2. Woolagong to Woolwich presentation @ Herts TRF

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi guys, One of the ABR members is giving a presentation on March 12th at Herts TRF about his overland journey from Australia to London. You don't have to be a TRF member to attend, and it promises to be something a bit different to the usual sitting in front of the telly on a dark winters...
  3. Hmm C90 beats the GS,s in off road challenge

    quote from Ed March on face book :D:D:toothy8::toothy8:
  4. XRV's V-Twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi to all! 30 years have already passed from the first presentation of the XRV engine. I wrote a little article about it. Please judge it kindly ...:) You can find it here XRV's V-Twin engine Greetings from Athens, GR
  5. Presentation! from Argentine.

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello Friends, my name es Federico and I from Argentine. At this moment, I have a Honda Transalp 650 2007, and also am a member of forum in which I am moderator. A bike which I filled with joy (and will continue for much longer ..). After presenting, I ask permission to touch...
  6. Cheque presentation

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    Hey guys, could we discuss the presentation for 2010. We need to conclude this years event properly so ideas and suggestions please
  7. H4H Cheque Presentation

    The Longest Day
    Each year we've had one of these for the relative charities. Will there be one with H4H? :confused:
  8. Hello everybody! Presentation and quick question!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hello folks, my name is Dario and I am from Italy!!! I've been reading your forum for a while and I think you guys are great and today decided to join you!!! I own a RD04 my 1990 and I'd like to ask you if anyone knows how to fit some Showa 47mm ups coming from a CRF 450 instead of the original...
  9. Cheque presentation at The Ace Cafe 20/9/09 at 11am

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    We have raised a staggering £21500 for this years Charity ride so a big thanks to all who took part and those who parted with their money to make this happen:cheers::nike:. As it stands at the moment there are about 20 peps going to this but if any one else fancies a ride out more are always...
  10. Presentation, XL600LMF dream come true

    Hello all: This is Inaki, from North Spain (not bulls nor ole-ole :p) Finally I did my teenager dream, own an XL600LMF, I bought past month and corrently I´m trying to gather all relevant information about she. It´s in a good condition, but she´s painted in a different way, plated wheels...
  11. Cheque presentation at The Ace Cafe 20/9/09 at 11am

    The Longest Day
    To make it easier to track numbers as the Ace want an idea of how many of us will be attending as they have to allocate us a space (it's going to be busy that sunday as it's the annual cruiser day) I've put the event in the calander. Please add your name to the calander if you will be attending...
  12. The total so far and Cheque Presentation.

    The Longest Day
    Best as I can figure out, as of now, the tally stands at TLD Justgiving total - £6225.00 PDSquires justgiving - £1445.01 Carol Nash cheque - £3300 That's £10,970 actual cash raised. PLUS - £1423.91 in Gift Aid means we've got £ 12,393.92 so far (including the Gift Aid)...
  13. Big Fat Cheque Presentation - suggestions

    The Longest Day
    I was just thinking it would be nice to put a full stop to the First XRV Longest Day Charity Ride 2008 in some way. What I was thinking was something along the lines of, say, in 3 months time when all the cash is in, we organise a get together at Rykas with all those involved, and have, say...
  14. Presentation from Spain

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi everybody Just incredible that a forum dedicated to Dominator exists in the web :shock: I own one ot those very good machines so called Honda Dominator, mine is from 1991, Japan made, and im really happy with it. No latest technology, no latest image, but reliability good quality of...