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  1. Oil Pressure and clutch Question

    I’m on changing the output shaft on my 700 XL and having started it up after the rebuild I am getting a very light noise from the clutch side, my question is there anything that is peculiar to the clutch to make it noisy. When I pull in the clutch lever the noise disappears. , there is also a...
  2. VIN/Tire Pressure/Model Year Sticker Location?

    Dominator / FMX
    In the box of parts that came with the '89 NX650 that I just bought, I found the metal plate/sticker that shows the VIN, tire pressure info, model year, etc. Where does this thing belong on the bike? I want to glue it back on, but I can't find it on parts diagrams.
  3. 600 oil pressure switch wanted

    any idea where one can get one from for a reasonable price?. or better still anyone know the thread size, so i can look into a gauge kit.
  4. Exhaust Help

    Dominator / FMX
    Morning All, I was wondering if someone could measure the internal diameter of the tail pipe exit on the dominator exhaust for me please? I got my domi scrambler running at the weekend but it's ear bleed loud so I want to design a baffle to go in the cans I'm running. From reading other posts...
  5. Starting old motor

    Africa Twin
    Hi Im going through the motions to try and start my 750 AT motor. Its been sitting about 6 yrs some of the time with no oil. It turns over by hand no probs but i pulled the dipstick out to check the oil level after cranking it over with a battery and it was under pressure, lots of air came out...
  6. No front brakes

    Africa Twin
    Was hoping someone could help with a braking issue (front) on my 1991 AT RD04. I've rebuilt the calipers and fitted the master cylinder repair kit, bled the brakes and fitted new pads but there's absolutely no build up of pressure at the brake lever. A couple of times I've managed a very slight...
  7. Front brake issues

    Africa Twin
    Hi, failed the MOT yesterday :cry: due to uneven braking at the front. I can feel that the braking is uneven (as you apply slight pressure to come to a stop it feels like the disc is warped) but didn't really feel it was an issue. The MOT man did... So...what to do? I removed both discs and...
  8. Carb balancing gizmo....any thoughts?

    Made a carb sync the other day from a cheapo water level I'd forgotten I owned (:rolleyes:) Anyway, after about twenty minutes of faffing and a some advanced 'zip tie' engineering, my gauge was good to go. Worked a treat, once I was familiar with the sensitivity of the throttle plate screw...
  9. For Sale: XRV 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Africa Twin XRV650 RD03 mod.1988 in very good condition. Price:2.800 Euro Km:87.860.- Extras: -Honda central stand -WP springs in front suspension -Rental aluminium steering -High pressure hose at the front brake LOCATION:Creta, GR :)
  10. Wobbly front end on my Africa Twin RD03

    Africa Twin
    I have a 1989 RD03 and the front end feels like it's made of jelly. If I shake the bars when stationary the whole front end wobbles back up through the bars. This also happens when moving at low speeds (below 10mph) and when coming to a stop which throws the whole bike off balance. Once moving...
  11. Carb advice.

    Do any of you guys have any experience in setting up a Mikuni VM26 carb? My sons Yamaha DT 125 LC3 does not want to tick over without cutting out. On further inspection of the carb we have different jets in it. and I think that might be the problem. As you can see in the photo its supposed to...
  12. 'exhaust problem' -- ignitech - good parameters

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I put a laser produro exhaust on my RD04, and now I have lots 'explosions', 'bang's when I'm iddling, every 5 to 10 seconds. The 'explosions', 'bangs', 'pressure waves',... do not occure when I'm throttleling or in a regime, but are more frequent and louder/harder when I have my choke...
  13. Part number.

    Sorry to drag up this old problem again but jnr is still having problems with his 1980 Yamaha DT 125 LC3 Model 35E. I followed up the leads suggested in the other thread I started but nobody had or could make a CDI for this bike...One guy offered to make one but he said it would cost a couple of...
  14. Oil Pressure sensor wire connector?

    Africa Twin
    can somebody assist with this please? got a new oil pressure sensor as the old one didnt look great, but when I degreased the cable from the wiring loom and peered inside whatever type of connector was in there is snapped off.. when I look at the parts fiche it just seems to be part of the...
  15. Oil Light just come on possably

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know what the top left red light is on my RD04 1990 ? im assuming oil pressure switch light, It comes on after after the engine has got warm and just glows, revving it up makes no difference, turn engine off and after its cooled down the light is off, Im thinking faulty pressure...
  16. Inline fuel filter for EFI motor

    Mechanical Advice
    Looking at putting one of these on the AJP as the original pump/filter setup can cause issues. I've swapped them out now, but some users suggest a post-pump filter is a good idea too. A fiver or so is possibly cheap insurance! What sort of pressure is generated in a bike efi fuel line...
  17. Are you sitting comfortably?

    Ok guys tiny moan with my xl600v seating position. May just be me but when in the saddle I feel that I have to keep shuffling back up the seat. Also the slight forward sliding puts pressure on my old thumbs. I know I'm a wuss. Now my question is are there any after market seats with slight...
  18. Bleeding Brakes Issue (RD03)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Today I was servicing the rear brake and all was going well until I started trying to bleed the system, after pumping the rear brake pedal for over an hour I couldn't get any pressure at all. I have blead brakes a few times before and haven't had this issue. The reservoir was full...
  19. Time for Tyres Advice please on road tyres and pressures

    Hi Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I can't see it? Transalp 700 I'm on Anakee 3's running at 30 & 35 psi. front is fine The rear has squared off like its low on pressure but the ride feels hard and I think should be 40 psi? I ride on road only and my main priority is wet & dry grip...
  20. front brake help

    hi, i'e put about 3000 on my tranny now, and the other day noticed that the front brake was binding, pulled over and my disc was untouchably hot :/ so had the caliper off spread the pads and limped home trying to avoid using the front brake. when i got home i took the caliper off and got the...