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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Gents, just a quick one; I have an SLR650 with Continental Twinduro TKC 80 multi use tyres. F - 110/80 19 R - 120/90 17 whats the best pressures? I know the manual says 22/22psi but its too low. Nothing on Continental website specifically to say what pressures although couple of interesting...
  2. Transalp
    Hi Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I can't see it? Transalp 700 I'm on Anakee 3's running at 30 & 35 psi. front is fine The rear has squared off like its low on pressure but the ride feels hard and I think should be 40 psi? I ride on road only and my main priority is wet & dry grip...
  3. Africa Twin
    Looking at tire options for my RD04 and while looking at different manufacturers sites got confused by their recommended tire pressures. Honda manual says 2 bar front 2 bar rear and 2.27 bar with passenger Michelin: 2.3 2.3 (and 2.5 for RD07!?, why the difference) Metzeler: 2 bar 2 bar (2.5...
  4. Mechanical Advice
    Just popped a new one on the front of the NX4 trail bike and it is more twitchy than I anticpated from past experience. What are the thoughts on tyre pressures for the TKC80 generally, Up/Down/Standard?? Std pressure is 22psi for a more road type tyre.
  5. Africa Twin
    Good afternoon gents. Here's my question: For a few days now I'm noticing my AT RD04 a bit unstable while cornering on tarmac, at speeds around 100 to 120 kms/h. At first I thought it was due to the rear wheel bearings. In fact they were already a bit "slack". However, I have replaced them by...
  6. XR
    Probably been asked before,but......road riding and easy Green lanes,what would you recommend Pressure wise?
  7. XR
    So there I was at the weekend iPad in one hand screwdriver in the other about to put the suspension on my 400 back to standard only to find a Schrader valve at the bottom of the rear reservoir. Can't see any pressures recommended on here nor in fact any mention of air (compression?) damping...
  8. XR
    Hi could you please infom me as to what pressure you guys run in AC10's on a xr400 on off road please, and does my weight matter to pressures much. thank you in advance Steve.
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi All Put about 1000 miles on a set of Tourances and really like them. Out of interest, what pressures to you run for road riding? I'm 16 stone and occasionally take pillion Cheers
  10. Varadero
    HI, Can any one advise me on the correct pressures for Bridgestone 023 tyres fitted to a 08 varadero, Bridgestones web site recomends 2.5 front & 2.9 rear , to me 2.9 (42 psi) rear seems far to high ! Thanks Ian:eek:
  11. Suzuki
    As above please chaps... Riders handbook says 22lbs......Service manual says 14 or 15...... Advice please (from those who know....All you guessers go and see how many sweets are in the jar..:rolleyes: :D)
  12. XR
    Firstly - A very Merry Christmas to one and all ! New bike, new to off-road. And in need of advice ! Ive used the search function, but to be honest im more confused than when i started. 2003 XR400 running brand new AC10's and road tubes. Im not using the bike for commuting etc, however may...
  13. XL Technical Specs
    Can anyone advise what the recommended tyre pressure range is for road riding on the Honda XL600LMF ?
  14. Africa Twin
    Am I getting this right coz according to my manual the RD03 tryre pressure are the same for rider or rider & Pillion :o it reads 29 front & rear, surelyt it must be more if you have a pillion on, I have never owned a bike that had the same pressures but I could be wrong. Anyone else have a...
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    Just seen this info, looks like a save for HG is on the cards: Press release - A buyer has been found for one of the UK's leading motorcycle clothing and accessory retailers, Hein Gericke (UK) Ltd, which entered administration at the end of July. Appointed administrator, Moorfields Corporate...
  16. Varadero
    I am off to Ireland with my lad at the weekend on the vara, and after a wee shakedown ride to check all seemed fine a couple of days ago, I wanted to have a fiddle with the preload as well as having raised the tyre pressures to 36/46 psi. But the screw is solid, I know it was working soon after...
  17. Transalp
    Ive just put some tkc's on my transalp 650 and am running them at 29 on each. can anyone tell me if this is the right tyre pressure for on Road if not what are they meant to be. ive found a thread with off road pressures but i wanted to know on road if anyone can help. cheers
  18. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I've just signed up to this great site, reasons why? Up until last June I had an SP1, which I loved, but financial pressures meant I had to sell her. I have always had Honda's because of the build quality and reliability just to name a couple. For the last 12 months I have...
  19. Transalp
    Recently had new rubber put on for upcoming Galloway meet. Looking at tyre pressures (OK) today when I spotted this. Definite crack in rim near valve - should I be worried?
  20. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I thought i'd create a very basic poll on how many miles you've managed to squeeze out of a tyre (front or back, whichever went further). I'm interested to see if it's just me who can't get more than about 14000 miles without needing a replacement. I know there are a huge number of variables...
1-20 of 51 Results