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  1. Puncutre resistant inner tubes?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    All 3 of our bikes have inner tubes. Are their tougher, puncutre resistant inner tubes available? Or are there any products that inner tubes can be filled with to seal or prevent or reduce puncture problems?
  2. Triumph-Online - Squaredeals Motorcycles

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Ordered a bunch of stuff from, crash-bars, air-filter, screen, etc... Everything arrived neatly wrapped, packaged in extra foam to prevent damage. Ordered Sunday night, products came in on Tuesday. Great prices, quick to respond to email questions, very clear website...
  3. Gordon's Mods - Improve your XR 250 or 400

    As the mods that Gordon did get referred to almost constantly for an XR I've copied them here for posterity and stickied them. The source was the XR400 Yahoo group. So let's use this thread for...
  4. Help: Rear wheel axle distance collar

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone Have been lurking for a long time and eventually got my AT (1998 RD07A in green). Will post some photos when I am done with the initial service / clean. I was replacing the rear wheel bearings and noticed that the collar that goes between the two bearing in the middle of the hub...
  5. TKC80s- Advice needed for an @

    Africa Twin
    Hello, This is my 1st post, I log on the site daily & enjoy all the Information that is being shared. It seems to be next to impossible to find the TKC80 140/80-17. They seem to be non-existent in the USA where I usually place my orders, however the 130 & the 150 rear are available with the...
  6. Honda accessories...XL700?

    Hi All, Been looking at a new TA, but wondering about the Honda accessories. Is OEM kit better/worth the money/hassle?? Thinking (IF I get the bike...) about heated grips as I ride all year on my 600TA and sometimes its darn cold! Never had em before and wonder how effective they are...
  7. Ok, a few to get us started ;-)

    Bodgers Corner
    Woooo, my own special corner on the site :rolleyes: Here's my 'sh*t kit', left in place for the winter, keeps salt & crap from all the inaccessible places around the engine - fine for ambient temps up to 15 to 18 deg C. Ok, here's a home made sump protector, made from stiff alloy sheet...
  8. I am a gatecrasher on a Honda VFR :-)

    Mechanical Advice
    Hello May I ask for your patience before I begin ! I to own a Honda motorcycle - all be it it is a VFR 800 1998. I was carrying out a web search for 'copper grease' and low and behold I picked up on a link in this forum (Transalp) about using copper grease on the front drive shaft splines to...
  9. Sir Edmund Hillary Dies today

    A true legend and one of my heros. Story here (Seattle Times 11/1/08 )
  10. Replacing Nuts and Bolts

    Mechanical Advice
    My bikes been in bits for weeks now while I've been tidying things up and repainting etc. and I'm about ready to start putting it back together again (thank god! - it's dragged on for far too long). I've just got one of those stainless allen bolt kits from ebay and planning to use stainnless...
  11. Photo competition?

    I've just had a look at Sambors calendar in the For Sale section - excellent quality photography throughout. Whealie raises a valid point in that post... get us all thinking a bit more when using our about a year long photo competition with a few rules (e.g. minimum...
  12. 1200GS Screen on 650TA

    On Sunday I was tidying the garage and a screen fell on my head (it had been stored in the roof since I sold my 1200GS). Fortunately it was bubble-wrapped but it got me thinking..........the screen on a 1200GS isn't particularly big but it offers good protection, and now the weather's getting...
  13. Spray on rubber

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I was thinking of rubbing the rust off my spokes and giving them some sort of coating to protect them and keep them clean and from rusting again, so figured some sort of plastic or rubber spray might work for that and be a bit more chip proof than using laquer, when I came across this...
  14. Attaching a computer fan to the rectifier?

    Africa Twin
    I've know that some people have had problems with their rectifiers going, and was wondering if anyone knows if this is to do with heat they might generate or something else? I don't have this problem myself at the moment, but I'll be putting my bike back together quite soon (finally - thank...
  15. flaky exhaust

    Hello The black powder coat is flaking off my exhaust in a big patch on my 2001 650. Any idea how to prevent and repair? Thanks
  16. Replacing the master cylinder

    Africa Twin
    I need to replace the master cylinder on my '95 @. Mirror broke of in it in Lesotho. Can I do this my self or do I need a specialist to do this. If I can how do I bleed the brakes to prevent air from entering the system?:confused: :?:
  17. Back protectors not the best back protection?

    Mechanical Advice
    (Related to this thread: I read something that stated that motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer spinal injury as a result of impact to shoulders or hips than from an impact direct to the spine itself. This is attributed to T-Pro...
  18. Fuelpump to the umpteenth

    Africa Twin
    I've actually been able to read alittle bit of what you guys have in your Forum, very impressed. Alittle bit about me: I'm an american living in Austria and actually belong to the German/Austrian Forum, but have found out that you guys have some pretty interesting solutions for common AT...
  19. A question about chains

    Africa Twin
    After 10 k its was time to replace the chain.Went into local bike shop ordered a chain for the AT.Two days later got my tsubaki 525 sigma 128 link.Fine so far .The sprockets are perfect so no point in Ordering them or so I thought.Pulled the new chain through, adjusted it and headed out for a...
  20. Mysterious Electrical Gremlins FOUND!!

    Africa Twin
    Right ever since my AT clocked 50 000 problem free miles about two weeks ago all of the sudden it started with problems. Great I thought it served me fine now it is knackered :rolleyes: First symptoms was irregular dropping in revs and splutter, cough missing was the order of the day. One...