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  1. Spring for primary drive gear assy

    Africa Twin
    I am looking for a spring for the primary drive gear. It comes as a unit. I don't think you can just buy the spring (unit part#23110mv1000) on its own. I have tried other springs but they just don't fit right and I do not want to experiment inside the engine. Anybody got an old primary gear?
  2. Clutch messing.rd04

    Africa Twin
    While trying to mesh my clutch, with a tentioned primary drive gear assembly, I have come to the conclusion that the springs are tired and need replaced, has any one replaced just the springs ?
  3. Gearshift noise - Front sprocket prb, or...?

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I would appreciate your comments, ideas about my difficulty on my AT RD 07A (70.500km). A few weeks age I changed the oil and the filter + tightened the chain to have cca. 30mm max and had a look for the front sprocket also. Everything went fine, but since that time I have an I would call...
  4. Chain replacement advice please

    ADVICE PLEASE XL700 17k miles. Original chain and sprockets (scot oiler from new) I've had to adjust the chain a couple of times this last few months and think the chain needs renewing. The rear sprocket doesn't look worn at all. (Not checked front sprocket). I'm getting a lot of 'chatter' from...
  5. RD04 Clutch

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, Been mainly perving on the site, but now need some advice on my 04's clutch. Just to introduce myself, I live and work in Tanzania, and have been here for more than ten years. There are quite a few AT's in town, very popular amongst the local Indo/Asians, and some very nice models too...
  6. Transalp Introduction

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, Just joined. I bought my Transalp back in April this year, always been interested in them + Africa twins. It's a 1994 model with 27k miles - i've done 4k. It's one of the best bikes I've owned. Only problem it has is some gearbox noise when not under load i.e. when I shut off. Noise...
  7. Clutch noise

    My first proper post here and it's a bit long I'm afraid, sorry. I'm hoping to upgrade to a Transalp in the near future and I went to take a look at a possible new bike yesterday, a black '2003 650. It's not in the best condition but not too bad either, one thing that concerns me about it is...
  8. Rd04 gearbox bearing

    Mechanical Advice
  9. primary drive shaft worn

    Africa Twin
    So,I posted a thread earlier about my drive shaft,slight leak and on investigation find the front sprocket wobbling on the output shaft........pulled off the chain and the front sprocket is in good nick but the shaft has wear marks on it....looks like to change it you have to split the cases.I...
  10. front sprocket play

    Africa Twin
    So I,m waiting on my mate turning up for a road ride and have put the africa in the garage and readied the blackbird ,started looking at the oil leak from the left hand side of the africa so whip the gear lever and cover off for a closer look and fiddle a bit only to find massive play on...

    Dominator / FMX
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