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  1. Calling Kjell

    Could you do us a favour and have a look around if the Primus Borealis rally still exists? Only stuff i can find is rather old or i cant read it Cheers Pete
  2. Kjell a favour please

    I had a look around but I can't find any info on the primus rally. Does it still exist? Would you maybe have a link for it? I only can find older reports
  3. Primus Rally

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Has any body done the Primus Rally in Bjoneroa Norway just north of Oslo normally end of February? According to MCN its the mother of cold rallies? thinking for next year you see.:D
  4. Primus Varifuel

    Mechanical Advice
    Anyone else using one of these? I've had a problem with mine, not building up pressure in the fuel bottle. I'm led to believe that there is a leather gasket that should be on the end of the pump inside the fuel bottle, is this the case? I cant remember and cant find any decent photos of the...