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  1. amr racing coil

    Dominator / FMX
    i have purchased a racing coil from amr it says it will fit a dominator nx650 my question is my ignition coil has a black bullet connector and an earth wire the amr only has a single yellow and black wire , spade connection i do not want to fit it and fry my electrics (i am old school "joe...
  2. Handshakes and such

    I took the old Beemer down to my local Biker Cafe at the weekend and unlike my other bikes it generated a bit of interest amongst the patrons who are mainly ex forces (real or pretend), patch wearing rebels. I suppose all the rattling made them think it was a Harley :) Anyway I ended up...
  3. Prince Harry at Camp Bastion during Taliban attack

    From BBC News - Prince Harry at Camp Bastion during Taliban attack Nato told Reuters news agency that the prince "was never in any danger" So WTF is he doing out there? .
  4. HRH, The Prince of ......

    I wonder if the dear old TRF should now get Harry or Wills as the Hon President. It'd look really good on the headed notepaper in grumpy letters to The Torygraph... :thumbright:
  5. Prince Albert Karoo South Africa multi day trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just updated my wiki with a multi day trip done while working. I had to attend a stock take in Prince Albert in the Karoo and from there I went through to Heidelberg. Days 1 to 3 now posted. to be continued..... See Thanks:cool:
  6. Even Prince Harry and Willy Africa bike ride

    Even Prince Harry and Willy want to do an Africa bike ride I see even the royal princes are planning and adventure trip across a bit of Africa (maybe) story here