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  1. Seventh Welsh Invasion

    Welsh Invasion
    Apparently I've not put down where we are staying for the new people amongst us it's here Location map
  2. Happy Birthday Princes Lea

    Mini XRVs
    Happy Birthday,love you lots :wav::wav::occasion9::occasion7::occasion1::occasion4::occasion6::occasion9::occasion7::occasion1::occasion4::occasion6::wav::wav::wav:
  3. Princes Club, Bedfont

    Africa Twin
  4. Princes Club, Bedfont

    Met a chap last night at The Princes Club (sounds far posher than it is!) who spotted me as I got off my @ and said "I've got one of those"! I pointed him in the direction of this site, particularly as he's looking to have his seat done. So Brian (or Bryan maybe) if you've found us...Welcome...