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  1. 3D Printed choke valve guide for the RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hello and nice to meet you all! I have been experimenting with 3D printing for a while, and I have designed and printed those nasty choke adaptors that always break! I have printed them in a special type of ABS plastic durable to temperatures up to 140 celcius. Have them on the bike for 3 months...
  2. Vigor/SLR 650 fork oil SAE rating

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there;couple of things (1) I'm changing the fork oil in my 99 FX650 Vigor. The tech data gives the quantity and level but no recommendation for the grade of oil. The bike is only used on the street, so any suggestions please? (2) Bit of a long shot this, but would anybody have an actual...
  3. Reproducing an RD03 headlamp grill

    Africa Twin
    I 3D printed this prototype 3 years ago from a 3D model I designed. Producing them with 3D printing would be out of the question as very pricey. Anyone here in the industrial domain that would know how to produce such grills? They are 300mmx 180mm x 35mm. It is textured because of the 3D...
  4. Transalp 700VA. Tom Tom Rider and battery charger lead fit.

    Needed to get the Tom Tom Rider 400 fitted to the Transalp. After reading some of the electrical threads here I decided on the quick and simple 'bolt it to the battery' method for getting power. The **** nav has very low power demand and of course the charger connection has none at all and...
  5. For Sale: Original Workshop Manual Africa twin oe Front pads

    For Sale / Wanted
    I due to changing bike I now have for sale an original honda workshop manual for an RD04 NOW SOLD and a printed one for a RD07 looking at £30 posted each or £25 collected BB7 Also some brake pads for RD04 the are oem retail at £75 will sell for £40 Lastly topbox honda oe £85 pic on earlier thread
  6. Who makes the best repro stickers for an RD03?

    Africa Twin
    I am extremely touchy when it comes to reproduced stickers. Been working for 20 years as an art director and can easily make the difference between superb and the rest. I can reproduce the logos with Illustrator myself (been using it since 1987), but perhaps good exemples already exist. Who has...
  7. finished at last

    When I was living in Greece I decided to get myself a 2003 Transalp, I was over the moon with it until due to a car driver coming round the corner on the wrong side of the road caused me to have a one to one with the rocks that lined the side of the road. After replacing a shed load of parts...
  8. Africa TWIN t-shirts

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys, I'm not sure about the forums policy about posting these kinda things, but I thought it would be cool to offer these to fellow AT lovers! My brother and I are designers and we did these designs because you cannot buy a decent looking AT themed t-shirt online, so we thought someone...
  9. 1989 XRV650 RD03 Restoration

    Africa Twin
    I managed to import a 1989 XRV650 RD03 from Thunder last year. As far as I know, it is one of five RD03s in North America right now (there may be more, but they have not come up on my radar yet). That makes this not only a wonderful bike in its own right, but a very rare machine that deserves to...
  10. I got the service manual!

    It took a bit of searching, but I managed to get a service manual printed off at the dealership for free!
  11. Common Sense

    An Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Dead Brilliant!! Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be...
  12. Not for highway use? Say what?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    So I bought a new inner tube for my rear -- the LBS assured and reassured me it would be good for my 140 tires, even though the package said 4.5-4.75 (Chen Shing). However after prying the old megastiff tubeless K60 from and preparing for mounting the new ultrastiffer K60 I noticed the tube had...
  13. XRV Photo competition

    The long winter and disappointing Spring has no doubt curtailed some of the early riding season activities but hopefully most of us are getting some decent riding in now. That being the case I would like to remind everyone that the XRV Photo Competition is up and running and I urge everyone to...
  14. a trip back in time...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A trip back in time! Over the past weekend I was in Germany and did a trip back in time as i had to cross from Frankfurt to Leipzig and back . It’s almost exactly twenty years ago when I started my national service in a little northern Bavarian town called Mellrichstadt. I was...
  15. Tour of France in June 2012

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    High time I got around to writing something up about the trip SteveR and I did at the other end of the Summer! Despite a few posts on the forum, no-one else wanted to come with us, so SteveR and I decided to go anyway. We've ridden together in France before, so we knew we could get along and...
  16. 2012 National Meet stickers

    National Organisers
    I'm having 100 of these printed, and will bring them with me.
  17. MOT reminder

    Just took my little baby for its MOT (passed with flying colours), some interesting changes I wasn't aware of. The new MOT certificates are now printed on plain white paper (paper now supplied from the test centre). On the new certificate you are now given a message "Want a reminder? Text MOT No...
  18. For Sale: Books, for Christmas? mostly motorcycle and a few car books

    For Sale / Wanted
    A book clear out ready for Christmas Most motorcycle a few old car books Prices do not include post, books can be collected from home- Dursley, Gloucestershire Royal Enfield motorcycle Made like a Gun by Hartley history 1981 first edition £20 The Story of Royal Enfield Motor Cycles : 'Made...
  19. Guess the National Iconic Forum member

    Today, I walked into my local building society to deposit a large payment off my mortgage, which hurt a little, but when I saw what we now owe was very soothing ! However, I noticed a huge poster with a well known high profile XRV Member looking down upon me, in an expensive suit & tie complete...
  20. Interest in purchasing a 2012 XRV Calendar

    Right we're soon to go to print (20/10/2011) with the 2012 Calendar (page examples will be posted up by tomorrow evening), due to the large cash outlay we're trying to guage what sort of quantity to get printed so if you could register an interest within this thread it would be appreciated. The...