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  1. Reproducing an RD03 headlamp grill

    Africa Twin
    I 3D printed this prototype 3 years ago from a 3D model I designed. Producing them with 3D printing would be out of the question as very pricey. Anyone here in the industrial domain that would know how to produce such grills? They are 300mmx 180mm x 35mm. It is textured because of the 3D...
  2. Graphics for RD07 as a vector file??

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, my buddy and I are rebuilding a 99 RD07. We are nearly done and looking into the paintwork now... but there is nothing to be found on the internet with regards to the art work. We have a source down here in Southafrica for printing them. But we need a source file. Anybody an idea. Can...
  3. Sticker printing

    I'm looking to get a small run (20 or so) of waterproof stickers made. Has anyone got experience of online companies. I want the stickers cut to the shape of the artwork (not square) and I will supply the artwork. Any recommendations and ideas of prices please?
  4. Engine Blue Printing

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone ever "blue printed their engine"? By that I mean strip it down and then rebuild it all within the tolerances, bearings, journals etc. Tony Scott does this for race bikes, admittedly big sportsbikes, but the gains are amazing. Up to 6-8 bhp gains, on a stock engine, from when it came out...