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  1. A philosophical question - Cabby will like it

    Whilst reading Seneca this afternoon I came across the following and it got me thinking; Of time: whether it is anything in and by itself; whether anything exists prior to time and without time; did time begin with the universe or because there was something even before the universe began...
  2. For Sale: 2001 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my 2001 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin The bike has covered 28,000 miles with all old MOTs to prove. I have owned the bike since July 2006 and have carried out all my ownserving and maintenance work including oil changes every 1000 miles and oil filter changes every 2000 miles. The bike...
  3. Africa Twin Mileage prior buying second hand

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I am planning a trip from France to SE Asia next year and I am looking for an Africa Twin RD07, dated between 2000 and 2003, with low mileage such as 20 000 km. During my research, I found a nice one dated Nov 2002 with 39 000 km with apparently good maintenance records. Its price is...
  4. Medical question anyone suffered vertigo?

    Hello all, I'm just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who may have suffered from symptoms I'm having. Just to highlight how serious this is, I've been taken from my work to hospital, then home to rest due to an illness I've never suffered before. To say I'm worried is an understatement...
  5. Pre-emptive OEM Parts Ordering for an overseas owner - RD07A

    Africa Twin
    OK. So I'm stripping down my crash damaged RD07A as part of making repairs (mostly cosmetic or superficial) but also I'm giving the bike the once over and will take the opportunity to refurbish anything worn or as a preemptive move, replace any known problem items. She's done 60,000km...
  6. Tight Rear Wheel

    Africa Twin
    Yesterday I changed the rear pads. The rear brake was thoroughly cleaned on my return from the Pyrenees 4 weeks ago so I have no binding issues when I swapped the wheels over and I have run the bike since then and there are not issues. Prior to going to the Pyrenees when I changed the wheels...
  7. 16K service

    How vital is it to do the 16k mile valve clearance check/fix on the Vara if the bike has been regularly serviced prior to this time? I know that the bucket and shim setup is very robust but dare it be left for say, 18-20K?
  8. Sold: Africa Twin for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Africa Twin now Sold Sold: Africa Twin for Sale...Thank you for the overwhelming interest in the sale of my beloved was sold via e-bay and I had a Queue of people interested in the end and hopefully it has gone to a good home... It is with regret I am selling my beloved 2001 AT and...
  9. Where to start with a "barn find" Honda 250?

    Mechanical Advice
    So... I managed to get hold of an 80s CD250u that's been in a garage since the 90s, possibly the late 80s. The plan is to learn a bit about engines and see if I can bring it back to life - for as little as possible. I am collecting it over Easter and am drawing up my plan of action - but...
  10. For Sale: Honda Dominator

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi just testing the water here, Honda dominator N reg (95 on the year) less than 10000 miles with 12 months mot and tax till August i have only had it a couple of months but in that time i have fitted second hand arrow(stainless steel) rear boxes (it came with a single sided bsm ) and front...
  11. For Sale: Oxford Sports Lifetime Panniers & Tail Pack - BRAND NEW

    For Sale / Wanted
    [COLOR="#FF0000[SIZE=5]"]***SOLD***[/[/SIZE]COLOR] I've started the clear out prior to the move!! I'll list items on here first then on to ebay if no interest. Here I have a BRAND NEW and unused set of Oxford Sports LifeTime Panniers and Tail Pack. COMPRISES OF: 1 SET OF EXPANDABLE PANNIERS,&...
  12. Coastal Ride - North East Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    “Wot you doin” “Nothin! Wot you doin” “Run out tomorrow?” “OK. Where & when? And so it came to pass that LWR and meself set out for a Spring Bimble along the northen coast of the North-East of Scotland! We met at a local superish store located in the middle of nowhere, cos it was sort of in...
  13. Old TA road tests 1988 and 1991

    Whilst sorting out the comics in the loft prior to next weekend jumble at Shepton Mallet (3rd March) I found these tests of TA vs Elephant, Super Ten and GS100 (Superbike Jan 1990) and TA impression (What Bike April 1988)
  14. Old Road Tests AT vs SuperTen & NXR750 picture

    Africa Twin
    Whilst sorting out the comics in the loft prior to next weekend jumble at Shepton Mallet (3rd March) I found this test of AT vs the 750 Super Ten (What Bike March 91) and a picture of the NXR750 in the 88 Paris Dakar (Superbike April 88)
  15. slight oil leak top end on AT (2001, RD07a, 17k on clock)

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, Just paid a deposit on an '01 AT. Did notice and oil trail on left top side (fuel pump side) of engine. Picking bike up next weekend. She's done 17k and seems in very good nick otherwise. Any thoughts on the leak? Any input welcome prior to me stripping her! Can't wait to get my...
  16. Ali panniers

    Bodgers Corner
    Had / having a go at making up my own panniers using 2mm Ali. Left it a bit late as usual :confused: hoping to have them finished for the National Used double side tape to hold pucks in place prior to drilling Started to drill and rivet temporary plugs to line up And just started...
  17. UK Shipping Support for USA Member

    Africa Twin
    UK Members, Hello. I hope all is well. I recently purchased an XRV750 in the United States and am attempting to obtain some parts that are not available locally. More specifically, I would like to purchase a key-ignition assembly on eBay and have it shipped to a local UK members location since...
  18. France, Italy, Switzerland sans Péage (Aug 2011)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Days 1 and 2: Home to Arras, France. Ferry booked, booking altered, and altered again! But see how the bikes are lashed down now. No more oily ropes over the saddle, and no agonising over whether to use the centre stand or side stand. Proper fixtures. I'd checked out loads of campsites on...
  19. Bedding for National Rally 2011

    Past National Meets
    This might sound like a daft schoolboy question prior to going on a school trip. Are we required to bring Thermarests. Karrimats, Airbeds etc if you are booked into the bunkhouse accomodation for the National Rally ? I've looked at the site webpage & there's nothing mentioned about this. I...
  20. africa twin CALIPER ROT

    Africa Twin
    Right then - the time has come to throw in the towel and admit defeat having fought this battle every year for some time. i changed tyres this weekend and services the callipers prior to the MOT which was meant to be today - one piston had not been working so i decided to pump the pistons out...