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  1. Getting your priorities right.

    As shown by our honourable friends.:rolleyes: Andy.
  2. Front brake issue

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Just thought I'd share this with you on here just to log it on a public forum, in case of other cases. I put my Crosstourer off the road for winter with 4k miles on it, all was well. I put the bike back on the road following the winter in April and attended the Boil rally down in Cumbria. I...
  3. Eastern Europe May/June 2013

    We have 6 weeks off work in May and June again this year. Plan A was Canada and Alaska, but then we realised it was winter there still ; Plan B was to cross USA east to west, but I couldn't bring myself to pay the shipping costs of the bikes. As I have done nothing about going anywhere else we...
  4. Forestry Commission Land Usage - help required

    I've just had this email requesting help for making our wonderful government aware that the ramblers association are not the only vested interest group. I know thers one or two off roaders on here. :rolleyes: So thought I'd post it up just in case you don't already know about it. Please see...
  5. MS Sharepoint 2010 WTF??

    OK, I'll hold my hands up straight away, I'm a useless geek and sceptical idiot but... .. would someone please explain Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 to me? I kind-of understand it, but everything I read or download is full of American babble about "The capabilities of SharePoint 2010 work...
  6. Anyone got experience of Midland BT2 and iPhone?

    Mechanical Advice
    Got a set of Midland BT2's for intercom use as well as Bluetooth AD2P connection for the iPhone. Music is spot on - as is intercom - but the sound from the SatNav nearly deafened me/blew the speakers as it was that loud. Havent had a chance to play about with settings fully yet but wondered...
  7. Transport Committee slates bike test

    MPs on the Transport committee have slated the introduction of the new test for bikers fearing the drop in riders taking the test means more will ride illegally. “The introduction of the new European motorcycle test in the UK has not gone smoothly and efficiently, despite a very long...
  8. Urgent Action Needed

    From the TRF website... The part that needs your objection is on page 98 of the pdf. If everyone could write just a brief email saying that you object to the expressions used within Table 7.2.2 that would be useful. You could just say 'Please remove the first item from Table 7.2.2"...
  9. Absolute b*ll*cks or what?

    Oh sweet Jesus in a trilby, will you look at the sort of nonsensical tripe I get sent in emails by my employer. It's not even english for god's sake. Corporate Learning and Development Programme 2008-09 We are pleased to announce that the 2008-09 Corporate Learning and Development Programme...
  10. Nylon throttle cable?

    Africa Twin
    Hi - relative newbie here. Slightly boring questions: does anyone know if the AT throttle cables are the infamous nylon lined ones? Had to lube them the other day after the bike was off the road for a couple of months. That did the job but after a couple off days they've become very tight and I...
  11. Traffic Wardens / Councils

    Jason and myself went took the bikes yesterday down to Porthcawl pier, there is a cafe on the promonade which is a bit of a biker cafe and it has 4 laybys which we always park our bikes. Yesterday as usual we parked up and went to queue for coffee. As we were waiting along come 2 traffic...