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  1. Africa Twin
    I have (had) a Remus Grand Prix can fitted to my RD07a and have just fitted a pair of Touratech pannier frames,try as i might i couldn't get the O/S frame to fit with the Remus fitted so i have had to fit the original Honda can back on the bike,has anyone had the same problem and perhaps managed...
  2. Chatter
    High guys, if twiddling your thumbs the UGP highlights are on BBC Player or via web at 10:35 shortly and via : 'Film', select UK Live TV and then BBC NI. Was great last night with onboard cams. Fastest road race in world, used to wander up the road there as a kid. Well, enjoy if its...
  3. XR
    Whilst the sunshine says spring is coming, here's a reminder of the warmer days ahead. Taken on the moors overlooking Niarbyl Bay on the West Coast of the Isle of Man during the Manx Grand Prix in August 2014... If you haven't ridden off road on the Island yet, I highly recommend it.... Stuart
  4. Africa Twin
    I have just fitted a Remus Gran Prix link pipe and can to my A/T and didn't give it much thought but then I realised that I should inform my insurance company? Has anyone had any problems with there insurance company and aftermarket exhausts?
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi there, any idea where I might get the hanger bracket from a Remus Grand Prix exhaust? I've a look online and found nothing. Thanks
  6. Chatter
    Bahrain is braced for three days of protests to coincide with the controversial formula one grand prix as the government and organisers insisted that the event would proceed as planned. According to the The Grauniad. There'll be nooo switching on of the Television to view the Bahrain Formula...
  7. Product Reviews
    I bought my Aluminium Remus in 2003 as I wanted a more fruity sound, and boy do you get that with this fellow. It's loud, much louder than stock, and as it's the race version is louder than normal Remus. I had a little bit of trouble fitting it as it was tight and I had to jiggle things a bit...
1-7 of 7 Results