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  1. Tripmaster -> Garmin conversion Moun

    Africa Twin
    Got my hands on a gratis Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S Motorcycle GPS, so decided to replace the TripMaster (which on mine was still fully functioning!) Anyway, I used my 3D printer to make up a bracket to mount the Garmin on the original tripmaster mounts. I have the 3D models if anyone wants to...
  2. Fork seals

    Any prefered brand ? 2010 700 a bit out of touch with who make quality product these days. front end is coming out as i have a slight weep on one leg and the headrace is a little notchy. got new koyo bearings and motul syntetic 10w oil just need some seals now. quite like the look of these...
  3. RD07A Pod air filters mod

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone had any experience with pod filters such as those that can be used on the Honda Hawk My airbox has seen better days I think the snokel pipes have shrunk / degraded...
  4. Anyone intersted in a bespoke Fuel exhaust

    Africa Twin
    If anyone is interested in purchasing a Fuel exhaust for their xrv750 then pm me. If there is enough interest then Fuel Exhausts will make a batch for us, they are not going to be releasing as an 'off the shelf' product so let me know. I personally had one on my Transalp and it was a good...
  5. Transalp XL400V air cut valve (japan - model)

    Hi I am trying to find the product number of the carburetor air cut valve for the transalp XL400V. model 95-96 Can somebody help me with that? Thanks in advance
  6. Cleaning products

    After covering my winter bike with a coating of ACF 50 to keep the crud off, I was wondering what cleaning products would be the best to get the winter muck and grime off. Its time to clean and service the bike now that winter appears to be over.:thumbup:
  7. Fehling crashbars

    I needed a bracket for these engine protection bars(Africa Twin) the one I had was damaged and I couldn't get it to fit so I sent an email to the Fehling in Germany, 4 days later one was delivered free of charge. I have to say I'm really pleased and I thought it might help people know they are...
  8. Anyone tried Seafoam?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello. A while back I had the head off my SLR and the piston had quite a bit of carbon on it but I was in a hurry to try and get the thing back together so didn't do anything about it. I have seen on you tube this product Seafoam that is meant to clean your engine and was wondering if anyone...
  9. Heated clothing

    I'm looking for any personal recommendations on heated jacket liners for winter commuting. I've looked at the Keis X25, the Gerbing 12V jacket liner, and the EXO2 StormRider. Are there any others I should consider? Would there be a big difference in warming ability between sleeved and...
  10. Rally fairing from Greece

    Africa Twin
    Anyone have experience with this crowd and product they sell ? I'm after front rally fairing one piece but to fit stock lights and forks Here is the link Perfect Fairings - RALLY FAIRINGS - Africa Twin RD03 RD04 rally fairing Val 2 bikes , twice is happy ?
  11. For Sale: HELD Matera Gore tex pro shell Jkt - Medium (as new)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Its been a wee while since i posted on site as The tranny went and i picked with my first love of mountainbike racing. im having a clearout of my kit to help fund the racing. first up is a brand new HELD Matera pro shell gortex jct. This does not have a mark on it as i only tried it on to...
  12. For Sale: a line on customisable shrouded cables for securing items to bikes

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hola, A friend of mine, based in Lithuania, has a line on steel cables that can be used to secure items to bikes. As far as I know, thickness can be 2, 3 4 or 6mm (possibly also other thicknesses) and the length is customisable. There'd be a loop at either end and it'd be shrouded in 2mm...
  13. Water outlet pipe seal - Mounting direction

    Hi, I am about to change the seals on the outlet water pipe due to water leakage. The seal itself looks different on the upper and lower side, Can anyone please tell me which direction the seal should be mounted. See linked picture...
  14. Rd07a output / counter shaft offically discontinued

    Africa Twin
    Have been sending several emails over the last few weeks to Honda about my hunt for a counter / output shaft RD07A: 23220-MAY-000 and received phone call from them yesterday to say that this part is now officially discontinued and Honda have no plans to do another run of them ! The guy from...
  15. For Sale: 41 mm intiminator fits all transalp with 41mm forks

    For Sale / Wanted
    Ricor intiminators for sale: fits all transalp with 41mm forks Hello, I bought a pair of Ricor Intiminators for my Transalp. Use them for less then a year. Recently upgraded to Hyperpro Suspension kit, and they advise no mixing with other solutions. I decided to sell them. My Price: 120 USD...
  16. For Sale: 2 jackets - held pro shell gore-tex (new), Frank thomas Tourino

    For Sale / Wanted
    now that the translap is gone, time to clear the loft. 1 held matera gore tex pro shell jacket, medium, new still in bag. comes with upgraded Held D30 Armour throughout. id say this is the same quality as a rukka pro shell Cost me £700 sell £310 posted. this one: Held Matera Gore Tex Mens...
  17. Hi Viz (Polite Notice) Vests

    Product Reviews
    Anybody seen these? Polite notice waistcoat test I've ordered one today. Winter months can be a nightmare on the roads without the numpties. One point missed by most people making comments about 'lookalike wannabie' is the fact if you come off your bike on a country lane or unlit road. Your...
  18. VFR12/CT recall

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Just a heads up. I have seen several sources suggesting there's a recall out for the vfr1200f & X bikes, aparently the UJ in the shaft drive can unexpectedly fail resulting in locking up the rear wheel! The first reports of issues came several years ago so Honda haven't exactly been quick off...
  19. Slinky Cables

    Product Reviews
    Heads up regarding Slinky Cables currently being touted by Wemoto. I bought a replacement throttle cable (pull) for my XL600R. It's 50mm too short compared to the standard Honda item which is now out of stock. I don't know if all these cables come up short or even if this is a one off but do...
  20. For Sale: NEW: HELD Matera pro shell jacket, Schuberth C3 56/57 neon yellow

    For Sale / Wanted
    sold the Transalp earlier last year and have been keeping this gear just in case a new one comes my way. Alas its not to be (for now that is), so rather than keep these they are up for sale. both are new, never worn / used, still boxed and i'll throw in receipts for the warranty. HELD Matera...