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  1. race cam profiles

    anybody got info regarding race cam profiles.lift and duration details. or has anybody replaced there cam with an after market item with good resaults? i have no interest in hot cams camshafts. web,hrc,megacycle or old whitebrothers etc.thanks.
  2. TLD2010 Rider Profiles

    The Longest Day
    Please post your profile either here or send it to us [email protected] what we would like is 1- Name 2- Forum Nickname 3- Location (Rough area please at least county) 4- Occupation 5- Personal link (can be anything maybe your sponsor) 6- Bike you plan to ride on the day 7-What you’re...
  3. TLD Rider Profiles

    The Longest Day
    I thought the rider profiles and the photo's were a great part of the website that was set up and would be great for nostalgic reminder of what a great event that was. Would it be possible to have them here on this site or if not, then some form of collated or printed format that we could buy...