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  1. Dominator / FMX
    It's been slow progress on this one. I get totally carried away with cleaning stuff, re-greasing and making it as good as a can.. It's starting to look like a bike now though. Well, kinda !!
  2. Insurance
    I have received a pretty competitive quote for my 2 Honda's from Bikesure aka Adrian Flux, including Euro breakdown cover. Any comments or experiences on the quality and level of cover offered by this Breakdown add-on please?? Carole Nash breakdown was 100% when I killed a front wheel "near"...
  3. Charity Events
    Preparations for the Taffy Dakar 2015 are underway, we have been very busy behind the scenes to make this even better. There will be a larger area covered with regards to waypoints so even more unsurfaced roads to navigate though. These are still in progress to make sure everyone has a...
  4. Bike Comms & Audio
    I'm in the progress of buying a new Satnav. I think I narowed it down to either the Garmin Zumo 390LM or the TomTom Rider V4. Or are the others out there? Any drawbacks on any of the two contenders? Cheers, Kjell
  5. Transalp
    A few pics of the progress so far from this to And a cradle I botched up to give me good access to the engine for cleaning and servicing Then I need to decide on what colour scheme to go with for the rest of the bike? Thinking black and white for a different look
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi All Quick question. Will a tank from a 1994 XRV 750 fit on a 1998. I believe they are both 23 litres but there was a model change in 1995/1996 (from S to T?) and I would like to know if its the same tank or if the mounting points were different? Thanks, Chris PS - For anyone who follows my...
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi all ,, some already know me , most don't so im in the mids uk , have bought 2 @ over in Germany , 1st one was kept in a barn for 6 years under cover after it had ....errrmm a problem .. then trying to find a replacement engine bought second @ from a very nice Honda dealer for not alot ;-) My...
  8. Chatter
    My daugter set me a challenge of going veggie for a week and progress so far has been good exept for the teriffic amount of Tear Gas coming from my arse is this normal I ask.:-D as I now Sharrie is going to kill me.
  9. Africa Twin
    I have just ordered a diddy headlight for it, the loom is pretty much sorted and if I can get the existing speedo to work properly, I will only need a small idiot light box rather than a new speedo that has them integrally fitted. Then it is getting painted black with the legend "sumo" on it...
  10. XR
    Hi all, this link will take you to the seatcovers that I'm in the middle of reproducing and I'll add more as and when I'm able. Seat covers:- Some of the XR range share the same seat cover shape but with...
  11. Ural / Zundapp
    'lo all, well, since last year was "Summer of getting the XRV sorted" (all finished now and working very well, and getting some use at long last Honda XRV750 ) this year it is "summer of getting the ural back on the road": Ural Red Star Not much so far, but the electrics are sorted (touch...
  12. Africa Twin
    Well got the rear almost finished, here's a few pics of what I managed to get finished tonight;)
  13. Dominator / FMX
    just to update you on how i have been butchering my once pristine dom: In addition to the toolbox/sumpguard, i am intending to fit a new fairing (obtained from African Queens - its a universal fairing). I also have some twin headlights bought off e-bay. Ive got a fair bit of fabrication to do...
1-13 of 13 Results