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  1. Theoretical . XR chrome tubes with springs in AT forks

    Africa Twin
    Hello, I am with my front fork in pieces and as i have not one but 2 XR forks , i am thinking what would be the pros and cons. Both are 43mm in diameter. The XR are cartridge forks, the front will be raised as the tubes are longer. The air buble bigger and in theory the whole dampening will be...
  2. Front wheel sizing question

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Folks Once again I am seeking the educated opinion and good advice of the XRV community. The question is what are the benefits of changing from a 21" front wheel to a smaller size. I have read that the large front wheel is to overcome the occasional deep crevice or dip while riding offroad...
  3. Looking for advise on Boano Marathon Replica Tank (One cap or two?) RD03

    Africa Twin
    Looking for advice on Boano Marathon Replica Tank (One cap or two?) RD03 Looking for some advice on the Marathon Replica tank that is available for the RD03. It comes in a couple of different versions I believe, and any pros/cons to the one cap version versus the two cap one would be...
  4. RD engines???

    Africa Twin
    At the risk of making a total dick of myself... Whats the difference between the RD03, 04, 07 etc?? Ive had a little looksie about but thought it be quicker to ask directly. can anyone point me to a thread or explain the differences and pros and cons. best/most reliable etc??? I really...
  5. Only in Birmingham

    Birmingham man reports 'ugly prostitute' to police - Birmingham Mail
  6. sprockets

    I have a 700 Transalp and would like it to rev less in top gear, should I put a larger front sprocket on or a smaller back sprocket, what are the pros and cons ?
  7. XR400 6Shim Mod

    Hi All Has anyone done the 6 shim mod to their front suspension to make the forks smoother, I see in the USA they really seem to think it's a fantastic mod just wondering if anyone had done it over here and what pros and cons they found?
  8. convince me!

    hi there, question- what are the pros and cons of changing the resistor in the plug cap to a cut down steel bolt? does it perform magical actions such as make a bike start first kick, give it a power boost, or extend the fuel range, i understand the basics but need more convincing, can anybody...
  9. IT WAS NOT ME!! NFF (Not Female Friendly)

    IT DEFINITELY WASN'T ME I PROMISE!!!! You need to watch this clip to work out who it is and why they were there!!!! BBC News - Belgian prostitutes in Ghent have been told to cover up :toothy10:
  10. I won't be there I'm afraid.....

    National Organisers
    Posted this in here a bit more privately..... I'm afraid that it's very unlikely that I'll be able to make it to the National this year, and I'm absolutely gutted. Some of you will know that I've suffered from ill health (chronic prostatitis) for some years and I'm currently going through a bad...
  11. EASY Start

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, just interested in how people have found Easy Start, and has anyone tried brake disk cleaner as an alternative. General pros and cons would be great (I was told don't use too much of the brake disk cleaner- but how much is too much:cool:)
  12. R.I.P Geoffrey Hughes.

    Best known for corrie but i liked him as Onslow and Twiggy... Geoffrey Hughes dead: Corrie actor 68, dies after two year battle with prostate cancer | Mail Online Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  13. Boris ----- Sat Nav

    Boris my good fellow, Was quite impressed by your sat nav when I got lost on Raasay last week ( I know, three roads on the island and I still feked up etc etc :confused::confused::rolleyes: ) :D Be a good chap and divulge the make and model :thumbup: Oh and what pros and cons TAAAAAA
  14. XL650 Pannier rack options

    I'm looking for the 'universal' type racks, i.e. with the rounded corner rectangular frame. I'd like the LHS to match the RHS in terms of how much they 'stick out' from the bike. What options are there, pros & cons?
  15. Sena smh5.

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Anyone on here using this type of bluetooth intercom? They seem to get good reviews but I would like to hear from someone who knows about pros, cons, etc any info would be very useful as the money I got back from the bank is setting my pockets on fire so I will have to start spending it soon. :D...
  16. Q: ABS or non ABS for 1150GS

    A mate at work is thinking about getting an R1150GS. Is it essential to have the twin spark engine? ABS vs non ABS, and servo ABS or non servo ABS? He's looking for a GS and not an Adventure. (He is short arsed :p ) Anyone with knowledge that can help out with the pros and cons? Thanks. /Kjell
  17. Shot blasting

    Anybody bought any of this kit ?, any pros and cons ?? Don't want to go overboard wonga wise as it is just for de scaling the beemer :D I may have access to a compressor which may simplify the issue:thumbup: Any recommendations would be appreciated
  18. Number 9

    I'm in for another op on my leg next week (that will be the ninth) so wish me luck. This will mean 3/4months of no bike riding as it will take that long before I can get my prosthetic leg back on. I will be relying on you folks to keep me entertained over the winter so I want to see lots of...
  19. scottoiler pros cons

    Africa Twin
    May have been covered. I have one kit handed to me at a better than good price. What is the verdict on this piece of technology. Frankly I am a bit worn WD40ing brushing and spray-lubricating my chain every 300 km rendering the pupy convenient. Any prior applications insights and experiences...
  20. Jenna/Kymmy: advice from the Pros on Diesel oil

    Mechanical Advice
    Hey oh mistresses of the Rally There was some talk about using Diesel oil in a bike. I have done a bit of reading (net. so have to take with grain of salt). Any way as you are the only people i know that actually are...