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  1. Hello from prospective Vigor owner

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello all,I've just joined this forum because i am currently looking at a 2001 Vigor and would be grateful for some advice,i like the look of the bike although i'm aware that it may not be to everyones taste and i'm also aware that it was quite an uncommon model (i've never seen one on the...
  2. Prospective AT!

    Africa Twin
    Hi I appreciate this information is probably somewhere on this forum but I never seem able to retrieve what I am looking for via the forum search engines. So: Am thinking of buying a 1995 AT. What should I look out for aside from standard bike buying checks. What is the difference between...
  3. Prospective owner

    Africa Twin
    I am considering a big trailie - AT is favourite at the moment. Height and weight of these bikes is a bit of a concern. I currently own a VTR 1000 firestorm and a GSF 1200 Bandit. I've never even sat on an Africa Twin - I'm 5' 9" tall - is the AT too tall/heavy for me? I'll be at the Manchester...