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  1. Africa Twin
    Hello everyone Any recommendations on protecting the VIN on the steering head and the VIN plate on the back of the frame before the sandblasting?
  2. Chatter
    Just taken delivery of a new pair of boots that protect your feet in case of a chain saw accident They came in a bag marked FRAGILE!
  3. Accessories
    I have some pitting/ discoloration on my front forks, the general stuff brought with age, looking to bring them back to life and protect them. What would you suggest?? Cheers
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi, has anyone had any experience of the crash bars from wemoto that protect fairing also? good or bad? thanks.
  5. Africa Twin
    I refer to the rear shock. I was thinking of adding a sleeve made from a cut up rear tube and slipping it :knob:over the shock to protect it from crud 'n stuff. Anyone done this? any comment or better suggestion? Ta!
  6. Ride Reports and Pictures
    I can see from other posts that there are a few AT riders in SEA. We are currently two AT riders in Laos but the other guy lives halftime in Phnom Phen so he may not count. I've had my bike since 2006. Bought it from an expat in Laos. I’d like to advertise Laos as a destination – the more the...
  7. Product Reviews
    This is a great piece of kit that I bought whilst in the States a couple of years ago for $45 (about £30 at the time) but it is available online. Basically it’s an additional fuse box that enables you to quickly and easily power any additional accessories you want to put on your bike. I...
  8. Product Reviews
    I had this jacket recommended to me when I had to do an exchange in Hein Gericke on a previous jacket and overall I'm really pleased with it. I guess it may help to describe the type of rider I am and what I am generally looking for in a jacket. I do about 20-25 thousand miles per year and I...
  9. Product Reviews
    I've had Autocom units for some time now and in 2007 upgraded to the Super Pro Avi unit. It has some really nice features: Foolproof VOX performance guaranteed to 180mph — even for bike-to-bike. Side tones-duplex intercom-instantaneous voice activation for normal speech patterns...
  10. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok, have fully recovered from the China trip, and have more or less caught up on everything on the home front. Time to roll baby ! This time I wanted to head over to Laos, and make one final attempt to get to the top of Lima 85. Then head to south Laos, into Cambodia,then end up in Pattaya. The...
  11. Africa Twin
    Just wondering what lengths you all go to, to protect your bikes. What size and types of chain and locks do you use. Very interested to hear what has been broken into before, what tools were used (cutters and grinders etc...). Some of you may know how I rant about thieves so maybe checking...
  12. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I was thinking of rubbing the rust off my spokes and giving them some sort of coating to protect them and keep them clean and from rusting again, so figured some sort of plastic or rubber spray might work for that and be a bit more chip proof than using laquer, when I came across this...
  13. Africa Twin
    I've know that some people have had problems with their rectifiers going, and was wondering if anyone knows if this is to do with heat they might generate or something else? I don't have this problem myself at the moment, but I'll be putting my bike back together quite soon (finally - thank...
  14. Chatter
    First Bike on Scene is coordinated by the Northwest Ambulance Service, but they run courses all over the country. I've wanted to do this course for some time, and I've put the details at the bottom. So, I'm going to attempt to organise a course for us in the south of the country (someone up...
  15. Africa Twin
    I'm in the process of stripping down the bike I've recently bought (well, stripping it down as far as I feel confident as a newbie - though it's hard showing restraint and for a moment there I was contemplating taking the engine out and having the frame powdercoated :shock:). I've taken the...
  16. Africa Twin
    Greeting's all, long time no post :D To cut a long story short me poor old AT is in need of some tender loving care, basically all of my farings are in various states of dis-repair. At the moment trying to see if its' feasible to just run the AT with the front fairing only, essentially to...
  17. Transalp
    Have any of you fitted a mud guard forward of the rear wheel to protect your aft suspension, what did you use and how did you fit it ? Suggestions welkome.
1-17 of 50 Results