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  1. Yes I know; tire pressures again!

    Dominator / FMX
    Gents, just a quick one; I have an SLR650 with Continental Twinduro TKC 80 multi use tyres. F - 110/80 19 R - 120/90 17 whats the best pressures? I know the manual says 22/22psi but its too low. Nothing on Continental website specifically to say what pressures although couple of interesting...
  2. Alternative Facet fuel pump

    Africa Twin
    Question for the gurus please. I found this Facet pump: "Facet FEP04SV Posi-flo Electric Fuel Pump 1.5-4 Psi Includes Clamps fittings" The psi is 1.5-4 and flow is 25Gph. Will ot work as a replacement to the oem pump?
  3. Slr 650 1998

    Dominator / FMX
    Put the valves in spec' & retested the compression, reads 120 psi, any thoughts ?
  4. TKC80. Generic tyre pressure?

    Mechanical Advice
    Just popped a new one on the front of the NX4 trail bike and it is more twitchy than I anticpated from past experience. What are the thoughts on tyre pressures for the TKC80 generally, Up/Down/Standard?? Std pressure is 22psi for a more road type tyre.
  5. bridgestone 023 tyres

    HI, Can any one advise me on the correct pressures for Bridgestone 023 tyres fitted to a 08 varadero, Bridgestones web site recomends 2.5 front & 2.9 rear , to me 2.9 (42 psi) rear seems far to high ! Thanks Ian:eek:
  6. phooey... fuel pump issue

    Africa Twin
    replaced pump, like for like. facet 40105 2.5 - 3.5 psi 30 gal/hr. wires heatshrink then adhesive heatshrink. started, runs as she should but theres fuel dripping out of the overflow. if it was the more powerful pump i could understand, as mentioned several times in previous threads. Ideas...
  7. What size of innertube

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    The tube on the XR400 is loosing a few PSI a week and it's probably only going to get worse so I should have a spare to hand when I pull the tyre to investigate. I see 18" tubes advertised as 4.10/3.50-18 the 18 bit is obvious but how do the other figures relate to the wheel width of 2.15? Is...
  8. p.s.i.

    what is the highest p.s.i anyone has inflated a tyre to seat it.i think i have a mon mornin tyre and have inflated it ti 110 p.s.i. to try and get it to seat.

    What is the PSI conversion for 2.0 & 2.5 Bar