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  1. For Sale: Motad Stainless Steel Silencer and exhaust link pipe £35

    For Sale / Wanted
    ITS NOT A MOTAD IT'S A MICRON!!! A Micron Stainless steel silencer and link pipe, dimensions shown in picture, silencer is road legal and is marked BS EN-10088-PT2 (ie stainless steel) MTH10 (fitment?) . It appears it would fit Honda Transalp 600/650 and XRV650/750 Africa twins but do not know...
  2. Some Misc' Vid's

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Happy new year all, here's some vid's to get you thinking of summer again ! :) Africa Twin & NX650 outfits Part 1 - YouTube Africa Twin & NX650 outfit fun Pt2 - YouTube Africa Twin out with ABR & ATR - YouTube Africa Twin sidecar Pyrenees downhill...
  3. Unbelievable pt2

    Unbelievable pt 2 I cant believe I hadn't found this site before, I know what I am doing today
  4. TLD 2009 Pt2

    The Longest Day
    AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!! Sick to death of sitting here wishing something had been decided!!!!!!! Can't wait for TLD 2009 Only 10 Months and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MX5Ringer................ (almost £15k, +giftaid, offlines.... F-ing WOW!!!!!) Note to self, I didn't even raise 1% of it...
  5. Was it or not You (Pt.2)

    Ummm.... Metallic Blue Pug.106, Newish, exiting the Dartford Toll Southbound this morning at about 8.45. You cut straight into my lane forcing me to take some very Evasive Manoeuvers... Just wondered if it was you? You headed off down the A2 gate before I had a chance to..... ...