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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hello Gents, If I wanted to use an earth fed switch (momentary push type) to kill the ignition, which wire do I need to feed the earth to? The standard Domi kill switch just cuts the power to the CDI, but I am trying to simplify the wiring and switches. Many thanks Jim
  2. Africa Twin
    I'm having trouble removing the inner speedo cable on my AT. It broke about 30cm from the top and I am trying to push the old one up from the hub end and it doesn't budge. I've been somewhat forceful and no go. it spins however. Also worth noting that I have spayed a bunch of WD40 in the casing...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    I have just fitted my flatside carb to my Dommie and was wondering which of the two push/pull controls is the choke? I know one of them is the choke but what is the second one for and which is which? :thumbup:
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi all, just got my AT delivered and noticed that the push button for the main/dip beam sticks in, have any of you had this? Is there an easy fix or is it a new switch, I tried a spray of penetration fluid but made no difference Thanks in advance JTP
  5. Varadero
    a question from one of my friends :: Any idea how to take off and replace this oil seal Clutch push rod oil seal ? do you need to take the whole engine apart ? vara 2004 ? i checked the old service manual but it looks like this is needed thanks :)
  6. Transalp
    Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a washer or spacer between to fork and the speedo drive assembly? I know there is one on the opposite side. But for some reason, when I do up the shaft on the wheel. The bolts holding the disk are rubbing on the caliper on the speedo drive side. Its...
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Just putting the clutch basket back together, and I have 7 friction plates in total. When I put it all together and tighten down the spring plate though, the plates move about freely. I would have expected the plates to be held in place by the pressure plate, until the push rod presses...
  8. XR
    Hi guys has anyone found a way to improve the honda rear brake? I have recently downgraded from an xr400 to an xr250 and on both bikes the rear brake was poor,I've had it all apart cleaned it and fitted honda pads but its still the same.The pedal is nice and firm but needs a lot off push before...
  9. Africa Twin
    Help, learned ones! RD04 '91German spec coming home late the other night I switched to main beam, when I returned the push button switch to dipped beam... nothing . Main beam still works, fuse is OK as is the relay as far as I know (it clicks when switching to high beam) Bulbs are OK as is the...
  10. Dominator / FMX
    Quick question. I only ever had one throttle cable on my bike, obviously the pull one, have been told that some folks remove the "b" push cable on purpose because it can cause sticky throttle probs. anybody else run on just one or should i get another cable. Anybody have any thoughts about...
  11. Transalp
    Hi folks am up in the norther region of Norway and am having battery issues Would any one know if a Transalp 650 could be expected to Run a set of r/g heated grips and a Gerbing heated jacket with out flattening the battery? It's a long way to push it back to Scotland!
  12. Africa Twin
    In need of a rear hub - or at a push a complete wheel for an RD07/RD07A Africa Twin. Have a look in the garage, under the stairs, and at the back of your sock drawer please :iconbiggrin::iconbiggrin::iconbiggrin: Either drop me a PM or email me direct at jonathan(at) Thankyou...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    In need of a rear hub - or at a push a complete wheel for an RD07/RD07A Africa Twin. Have a look in the garage, under the stairs, and at the back of your sock drawer please :D:D:D Either drop me a PM or email me direct at jonathan(at) Thankyou in advance (hopefully)
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a pair of wide fit mx/enduro/trial boots they want to move on please? Size 10/44 or possibly even a well broken in, tight fit 45? Don't need to be waterproof, just GWO :-) I have not been able so far to find a pair that are comfy, as new boots push on the side of the foot too much...
  15. Varadero
    hi guys... i went tae change ma screen on ma ave managed tae push the wee gromets that takes the wee screw into the back o the clocks... can i get new grommets. an if so wher efrom.??? or has anyone got any... 2001 vara
  16. Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, I'm in the process of replacing the speedo plastic gear thingy and have hit a bit of a problem. The old isn't in too bad a condition and slides in and out of the housing no problem but the new one slides in so far (I've given it a good greasing) then feels slightly stiff. I'm...
  17. Chatter
    What were they called, and can you still get them? Years ago, when I was a lad, some of the more wealthier kids had these pipe cleaner brush kind of things wrapped around the wheel hubs on their push bikes. As they cycled along, the brush spun on the hubs keeping them and some of the spokes...
  18. Dominator / FMX
    Right just replaced chain and sprockets, went for a ride and seemed like it was loose so adjusted it eemed better but not perfect, so again adjusted it. It is now fairly tight 1/4 " max play. If ridded steady it's fine but when you push it hard seems like its snagging ( like its loose ). ...
  19. Africa Twin
    Have been meaning to mention this for ages. As said the front brake light is staying on. There seems to be a bit of slop in the lever, push the lever forwards and the light goes off. I am guessing it is something simple, maybe the spring has got tired, anybody got any ideas. Pop the lever off...
  20. XL
    I have a 1982 xr 500 project and the motor runs fine but its missing the clutch push rod,i am guessing that one from an xl500 would be the same? Anybody know if it would. Has one for sale or can measure one up length and thickness and I will get one made up . Thanks in advance
1-20 of 29 Results