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  1. Transalp 700 abs front brakes binding

    My front brakes are binding when the bikes on main stand,you can not feel it pushing the bike,theres new fluid,brakes are clean,new pads but was binding with old ones,pistons in both calipers move easy,retaining pins have just been cleaned and polished,ive done a process of elimimation and its...
  2. Mosfet Regulator rectifier

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anybody fitted one of these to their domi if so which one. I think the one i fitted to the AT will do it but not 100% sure. I've just fitted a volt meter to my bike and its pushing out 17.6v on tickover with nothing switched on, its ok with the lights on. I've compared it with my multimeter...
  3. Rear Brake Switch SPRING

    Hi all. My 2002 650 has a floppy rear brake light spring. People usually recommend twisting it to tighten it, but that isn't working here. It just doesn't transmit the movement of the pedal. Pushing down on the brake pedal, the lower portion of the spring moves, but the top part doesn't. Does...
  4. Binding brakes after winter lay over

    Africa Twin
    So I put the AT on the CTEK last night to turn it over today. Pushed it out onto the driveway and after a while it fired up. But then trying to push her back into the garage was a real PITA as the brakes seemed to be binding after I'd applied them after pushing her onto the drive. Now think...
  5. 2003 xr250r camshaft problem

    Hi, i've a little problem with the cam on my xr. On friday on my way to work my engine just cut out, after pushing it five miles home i look at the engine to find my camshaft in two bits!!! It was a hot cam that was about 20 months old. Has anyone else had a problem with hotcams or was this a...
  6. Headlight switching

    Bodgers Corner
    For the first time in 14 years of ATs I have a prob with the orange button on the left bar which flicks from full beam to dip beam. It sticks on full beam, and only with a lot of pushing and clicking will it change to dip; I realise that (like me) age can be a factor, but has anyone had this...
  7. Question - How much to raise the rear end

    Africa Twin
    OK, I have figure out what the height differance between new front end and old one is. just by pushing forks through clamps and getting faily rough idea i think the forksa are 1.5 inch longer. So if front is 1.5 taller how much do i raise the rear? Seen as shock is angled and is on a...
  8. European roadside assistance

    Has anyone any experiences of Europ Assistance? I'm looking to get some sort of breakdown cover / recovery in place that covers me for both the UK and Europe and IAM Surety (my current insurer) are pushing the above one for £60 a year and it does look pretty comprehensive. Anyone any other...
  9. My RD03 ran out of steam?

    Africa Twin
    My RD03 today came to a stand still ?? it ran on one pot , if you rev it pops n bangs runs on one & no power? Not sure whats up with it yet after pushing it a mile home (bastardddddddddddddd!!) Any thing to check befor i take it to bits any help would be great to get the lardy old girl back...
  10. Russian XRV650 pushing trough water

    Chatter Just shows how great machine this is :p Can hardly wait till it's time to take it out of my garage and ride it. (The bike in the movie is not my bike, and I hope I'm not violating any rules by posting the link)