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  1. Anyone know Python programming?

    A long shot, I know. :D I wrote a short python program a while ago to download data over a serial link and it worked fine under Python 2.6.5, but doesn't want to play under 2.7. More specifically, I test for available COM ports and then request which one to use. Under Python 2.7, the test for...
  2. For Sale: Transalp XL600V - 1993 - Broken and in bits, needs a loving home!

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    As posted on the tranny forum, my recovered XL600V is up for grabs. After being stolen and ragged by a bunch of *£$&wit kids from the local estates, I got it back. I do not have the time, money, patience or mechanical know-how to repair it, so would dearly like someone who does to give it a...
  3. Nomandy LE adventures of Alan

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I Have no pictures yet but they will follow. A few of us set off last week for a re-enactment of the Normandy landing, Le Gordonzola and his personal assistant Le Jamie Lee, Le Ben, La Debs, La Sharrie and Le daughter, Le Mike and La Sian, Le pierre Vader and Le Renne J. We left Blity on...
  4. Southampton to Lands End

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, My better half suggested I go to Lands End ! So I thought why not. I left Southampton at 11.30am M27, A31, A35, M5 and A30 All went well for the first 30ish miles but then the derrier started going numb, had to stop at 50 and stand straight for a while. Cup of coffee and a smoke and of...
  5. Police taught how to ride a push bike.........

    Well, in this crazy world anything is possible - Grampian Police Officers receive pedal bike training. Now then, now then let's have some order 'ere. Step 1 Stand along the side the pedal cycle, with the cycle on your right. Step 2 - Take firm hold of the handle bars. Step 3 - Swing right...
  6. Wanted: Tripmaster for my RD07 wanted (a fully working one please).

    For Sale / Wanted
    Mine hast gone kaput unt I am needing anuzer :hitler: but fur cheapen money. Blimey, I came over all monty python there for a minute :p
  7. Ireland and Scotland in September [Warning: Very long and lots of Pics]

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ireland and Scotland [Very long and lots of Pics] Hi All, I have been meaning to post up the pictures of my trip since I got back but only getting around to it now... Anyway, the plan was to spend a week riding around on my first proper tour on the bike so I decided to leave from my home in...
  8. Textile trousers on a budget

    Ok I’m after some new textile trouser but don’t really want to be spending hundreds on them. They must be waterproof/breathable and have removable/washable liner. At present I have some tatty AKITO Python that have broken zips and dead Velcro but I only use then to put over work trousers to...
  9. up, up and awayyyyyy.

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen biker? (sorry for the obscure monty python reference....... :D )
  10. Hot weather

    Here's a question about overheating but i mean me not the @!! The last few days have been so warm that I've been cooking inside my Akito Python Jacket & trousers, boots and gloves. IF this is what its like in scotland I think I'll forget any ideas I had about touring in France. I see some...