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  1. Q: new spronckets

    Hi all again, looking for a new spronckets, i whant to change oem one to front 14 and rear to 50.. Any advice from you ??
  2. Q: Transalp 650 too soft front

    Hi all, i'm having a problem when going thru the small bumps.. front fork goes all the way down and hit my roll bar.. Can i do smth to fork with other oil? Or should i go with new springs?
  3. Q: What are they there for?

    On the OEM luggage/panniers there are a "thingy" and I can't for the life of me figure out what they are intended to do. As far as I have found, there is nothing mentioned about them in the owners handbook. There must someone on this forum that knows.
  4. Q: ABS or non ABS for 1150GS

    A mate at work is thinking about getting an R1150GS. Is it essential to have the twin spark engine? ABS vs non ABS, and servo ABS or non servo ABS? He's looking for a GS and not an Adventure. (He is short arsed :p ) Anyone with knowledge that can help out with the pros and cons? Thanks. /Kjell
  5. women

    This is a genuine quote; Q:why have you not worn your very expensive electricaly heated jacket? MY Answer: you have lost it?, you have briken it? NO Sharries answer its not cold enough to wear it yet, and yet this is some one who gets cold in southern Spain in the summer...