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  1. qqq

    Dominator / FMX
  2. Front Brake Discs.

    Africa Twin
    I have to put new discs on the front of my red RD07A. Can anybody recommend discs/supplier please. I seem to remember hearing that EBC discs are not great. Cost is definitely a factor. David Silver has Honda originals but they are £75 each plus VAT and I'll have to put new pads on aswell...
  3. Kyoto Wavy Discs

    Mechanical Advice
    Has anybody tried these? I need new discs on the front of my @ and these are considerably cheaper than EBCs or Originals. They look pretty neat too! Cheers Dylan
  4. Rear wheel bearing failure

    Going into work this morning bike did not feel right, on the way back took it real easy. Back wheel off and found the left side bearing completely fecked :( Really could do without this at the moment. Any tips out there? Wemoto has the rear bearing kit, kit here should I also replace the...
  5. 2 RD03's on ebay at the moment!!!

    For Sale / Wanted
    NTDWM You don't see one on there for months then two come along at once... like bl**dy buses:D:D Wonder if they are members bikes from...
  6. Africa Twin Crash Bars - help please..

    Africa Twin
    Dear All,,,, I am in a little dilemma, I need to buy crash bars for my RD07 and I am stuck for choice between SW-MOTECH or TOURATECH - I know this subject is discussed few times and few threads are on the forum but I couldn't find the exact answers I need. I need to know which is best to use...
  7. Wemoto Main Stand

    Anyone know if the TA main stand for sale on is the OEM Honda one or not:
  8. flashing woes

    Dominator / FMX
    As previously advised i have just bought a flasher relay as mine went walk abouts in a theft attempt on my dommie it arrived this morning and as ever im clueless about what to do with it it looks like this so any help in where it...
  9. Wemoto Engine and fairing crash bar's

    Africa Twin Anybody have a set ? I was going to order a set from Givi but just found this and they do look a bit better :dontknow: cheers
  10. Head bearing - replacing

    Hi peeps I got an MOT advisory for the head stock bearings on my 02 Alp basically the garage’s feeling was that it would not pass come next MOT (next Feb). I know from reading round the web that this is one of the few weak areas of the Alp. Has anyone done the job DIY? - It is a big job, the...