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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Peeps My fan did not cut in a Cowm Quarry Enduro Circuit Fitted other radiators off FW750X but the fan does not work on that either Had them both tested and they are both dead Has anyone got one around? Hopefully to fit before the National too!
  2. Photography
    Here's some of my photos from last weekend's hard enduro at Nantmawr Quarry. A good muddy day out!
  3. Competitions / Trials
    There's the annual extreme enduro at Nantmawr quarry this weekend, the Tough One. I'm heading along to watch Mr Jarvis and co. tackle the traditional challenges of the quarry, such as the Root Of All Evil. Look out for the XRV in the car park. Iain
  4. Chatter
    There is hope, got a phone call from an old friend on sunday that has a couple of trucks, Do you want a job ? yes please ,it,s only part time though, no more crabs, now it is stone from the local quarry, and a little 4 wheel Mercedes tipper , (Hitlers revenge) merv
  5. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi guys, could someone please let me know if this quarry is still being used at all? I would like to go on my maiden voyage with a wr250f and this place sounds ideal. Many Thanks Higham Rd - Google Maps
  6. Chatter
    I was passed by a bunch of XR riders today on the old tramway that runs around the back of Fan Gyhirych. Friendly bloke at back in an open face helmet who was not bothering to stand on his pegs, but sat down quite happily smiling and passing compliments of the day as he went past. Was anyone...
  7. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Years ago I used to ride my trials bike at an old quarry a couple of miles north of Rochdale, the place has toilets and a burger van and terrain varying from smooth flat stone paths that you could rollerscate down to sheer cliffs and all gradients in between, it's mainly grass and compact soil...
1-7 of 7 Results