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  1. Peak District 'off-road' questionnaire please spare 5 mins

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Many of the Xrv members have enjoyed the peak district's riding and trails. The council have a 5 minute questionnaire about their policy for 'off-road' routes. Please fill it in even if you don't ride there- the questions are the same ones that should be asked for the area you are. We need as...
  2. Forestry Commission Land Usage - help required

    I've just had this email requesting help for making our wonderful government aware that the ramblers association are not the only vested interest group. I know thers one or two off roaders on here. :rolleyes: So thought I'd post it up just in case you don't already know about it. Please see...
  3. BMF surveys bikers’ biggest bugbears

    The British Motorcyclist Federation (BMF) has launched an online poll to find what bugs bikers so it can prioritise its Rider Active Campaigning. Members will get a questionnaire in the post but all bikers can fill in the online survey. Rider Active is meant to involve motorcyclists in...
  4. Mag Press Release: EU MOT

    MAG PRESS RELEASE 09-09-10 The European Commission has launched an internet consultation to gauge reaction to the idea of a standardised EU MOT which might be far more demanding than the British one. They are also considering increasing the frequency of inspections and a requirement to...
  5. Market Research

    I asked Dave if I could post this and he said it was cool. A friend of mine is setting up a business in Central London (and I'm helping him a bit) that will allow people to hire a bench and tools and work on their bike, provide training in basic bike mechanics, run seminars and provide...