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  1. headlight bub 700 va9

    Happy New Year everyone Just a quicky ive ordered a new headlight bulb is ita job to fit with big hands or can i get in ok .ive not even tried yet Thanks 700 va9 Neil
  2. quicky about valve clearance

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm wondering if there are any ways to know if somethings going wrong in the engine, I know if the valve clearance is up then there's a tapping sound but what if there tight? I doin't have any smoke or any abnormal noises but I'd like to know what to look for?
  3. out for a quicky

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    after buying a little rabbit Phil as if by majic appeared at my door step with his XR250 and we went for a bimble on a local BOAT above the sunny metropolis of Maesteg SW which leads over the mountains to Afan Argoed mountain bike center.First I found the bike very sippery on the road this is...
  4. Quicky Advice Please !!

    Mechanical Advice
    Hello Peeps, I'm in the garage tying to get my 'Alps front wheel in the air as my speedo has packed up (no warning--just stopped). Anyway I don't have a centre stand so I'm thinking to support it on a short thick plank (:) ) jacked up to rest on axle stands. QUESTION: Will the lugs for...
  5. Quicky Transalp exhaust question.

    I know the standard 'end can' exhaust on the TA comes in for a bit of criticism, re. corrosion......but are the down pipes & the collector box on the TA, as standard, mild steel or stainless ?
  6. Quicky !!

    Do I need a torque wrench to fit Givi bars to my TA? Thank You:)