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  1. newbie xl600 transalp

    well its growing on me ,, smooth delivery plenty power ,,good suspension quiet ,,but think crash bars would be a good idea ,,
  2. Norway trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all Report and pics on my trip to Norway in August. I left home on 29th of July at about 1pm and just over 1 hour later I was in Folkstone the board the 3.20pm Eurotunnel. I hoped the weather would get better on the other side of the channel. I had lots of time to hope...
  3. CB500-4

    Other Honda
    I have filled the garage slot occupied by the CB750F2 with a 1974 CB500-4. After selling the 750 I decided to go for an older bike started looking at 70's CB/CL450 (post black Bomber) or CB750A but this appeared locally,guy has owned it for 25 years using it intermittantly on the road for a...
  4. Just got a Transalp -92. What is your recommended modifications?

    Hi there! My first motorbike (since my 125cc motocross) is a Transalp 600 1992 in great condition. Already love it. I kind of like how quiet it is, but if I could gain a few horsepowers, I could consider a cooler sound :) What exhausts do you recommend? Is it worth it? I hate the dull...
  5. Temperature gauge pointer mooves up and down!

    Africa Twin
    Hello from winter Norway! I have a question regarding the Temp gauge! When the needle points above the C or at low operating temp, the needle is "quiet" in other words does not moove like crazy up and down! When the temperator rises and the pointer passes the middle of the gauge, it starts to...
  6. Head shake. The answer?

    Like many Alp owners Ive found that at low speeds, 25-40 mph, that if you take your hands off the handlebars they start to shake quiet a bit. Yes of coarse you shouldnt but-----. Even changing to different tyres didnt make much of a difference. A few weeks ago I was messing about with the...
  7. RD07 Muffler options GPR?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, Just happen to have my exhaust off over the week end and just about got a hernia lifting it. Holy Cow 27 lbs??? I love that it's quiet, but wow. So, any one running this GPR? Honda Africa Twin 750 90 02 GPR Exhaust Systems Furore Black Slipon Muffler | eBay The ad says it's only 2.4...
  8. dead transalp?

    Hi peeps, I'm new to this forum and wonder if anyone can help me with this. Went to start the bike yesterday, so I turn the key, it goes through it's self test thing, then I hear a quiet electrical sort of thud, then nothing. No display, nothing. I've tried disconnecting the battery then...
  9. Rattle at idle

    Hi guys new transalp 650 06 plate owner here... I have a rattle coming from what sounds like the clutch housing area... it only happens when the bike is in neutral and being revved.. she's idling nice and quiet but when you rev I can here a rattle when you the revs are coming down after closing...
  10. Davida helmet and goggles

    I like wearing an open face helmet on my old Transalp. I have a couple of Davida jet helmets which I find very comfortable and quiet but I can't seem to find comfortable goggles to wear with a Davida. The problem is the brow of the helmet comes quite low down my forehead and pushes the gogles...
  11. LED lighting for a 6 volt system

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm quiet keen to change out some of the bulbs on my old XL 250, to LEDs, so have any of you guys and girls had any success with this?, I'm thinking I may have to make the LED clusters my self from scratch, the only light I will not mess with is the Head light, though I did see a You Tube clip...
  12. CRF 250L one year on

    CRF - New Forum!
    The CRF section is a bit quiet so thought I would put a video of my CRF which I am using for touring, a few tours in the UK so far Thinking of Europe and maybe Morocco for 2015
  13. XR'S Only full exhaust system install on an 86 XL600R

    Tired of the noise from my old Supertrapp system I finally bit the bullet and threw down on a brand new full exhaust system (the only new exhaust system you can get for this bike that actually fits) from XR's Only. I opted for the optional heat shield and their quiet core insert all rounded out...
  14. For Sale: XR650R wheels, oversize disc and Leo Vince silencer for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Leo Vince end can SOLD Oversize 280mm EBC front disc SOLD Front and rear wheels complete with Michelin T63 tyres in good condition, plus good standard front disc, standard rear disc (rear disc is a bit worn)and 45 tooth sprocket in good condition. £190 for the lot or will split front...
  15. Happy Birthday Meesh and......

    double celebrations! Have a great birthday and many congratulations on your graduation.....u keeping it all too quiet! :blob7:
  16. Innit Quiet . . . .

    . . . . when the rabble are away camping it up in Welsh Wales, Boyyo!!!! :thumbright:
  17. Aftermarket exhaust for Africa Twin wanted.

    Africa Twin
    Hi, can anyone recommend an aftermarket exhaust/end can for my year 2000 Africa Twin? I am a new owner and find the original can too quiet. Cheers, Tee.
  18. Local Police Amaze me

    I start work at 0530 so i need to be there a bit before that to get changed etc. Yesterday morning i got into work and was talking to a mate after start up, now before work he went to a local cashpoint before going to work which was about 1/2 of mile from work. The cashpoint was a small branch...
  19. The Quiet Road

    Great Roads/Routes
    I found a book that may be of interest to soft roaders more Vara than XR. The title is The Quiet Road by C Greenwood A5 format 72 pages. It is a series of routes, tours of 80 to 150 miles, generally starting from Bath that generally went over country lanes- the quiet roads, in the mid west...
  20. Whealie's kept it quiet......