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  1. Transalp
    I am looking for a "do it all" bike, to replace the Transalp (London ULEZ has kiboshed it's use) and the R1200RT. I am looking at the Vstrom 650, the Tracer 700 or the NC750X I have ridden the NC750X recently and it was good. I rode the VStrom a while back, but can't remember anything about...
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Anyone know a good source for Honda R134 Fighting Red touch up paint please ? Not urgent
  3. Transalp
    anyone going with their Transalp? (it's usually a sea of R1200GS's!)
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    dunno if this works on all bikes.. but I had it on my R1200 GSA, for connecting from the head-stock power connection to the cradle of my Garmin Zumo 30 euro posted (to Ireland or UK) . Payment by Paypal (gift option please) ta iain
  5. Transalp
    to swap or not to swap what do you recjkon a 2009 transalp 700va9 for 2008 kawasaki gtr1000 concours that is the question im going to look at it tomorrow Neil
  6. Africa Twin
    Does anyone know if its possible to do an engine swap with the VTR1000 engine? Has it been done before? Any major hurdles? G.
  7. Bikes For Sale / Wanted Posting on behalf of a friend. Please reply to him directly through the link above. I can vouch that this is a really well looked after bike that has wanted for nothing. Cheers B
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Well, I have been looking and reading and looking, gone for Honda 700 NC, 750 NC and for some strange reason, I am seriously looking at R1200 GS. Not new, I hasten to add, that would definately mean divorce. So, any hints and tips about buying a GS, what to look out for ect. Interestingly...
  9. Africa Twin
    Not a new thread, I just want confirmation from experience: Can I use a post 2005 Yamaha R1's 50Amp Regulator/Rectifier for my 2001 AT? If so, does it need heavy modifications to the connectors and fitment?
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, looking for a 1998 Yamaha R1, sub 25000 miles very good/clean condition service history I am willing to travel for the right bike, so if anyone has or knows of one...........not the £10k one on ebay! oh dear - sick of seeing it! thanks for looking cheers Ed.
  11. Africa Twin Technical Specs
    This is pretty much a heads up for anyone else who might be considering the Scorpion Trails in 150/70-R17 on their RD07/RD07A. It will not fit, not even close. *sigh*
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi all. Looking for front disks , did anyone try this ? Any good ? Honda XRV 750 AFRICA TWIN front brake discs | eBay Africa Twin , BMW R1100RT, 2 Bikes twice is happy :-)
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    RR end can and link pipe. Came off a '98 BMW R1100GS. Offers or would swap for Givi panniers :cool:
  14. Yamaha
    Sergeant Pepper told the band to play... ;) and I found these old pics of me DTR125 recently, posting just for nostalgia's sake really; loved this bike :)
  15. XR
    Just got my first XR,its a 400 on a Y plate(2001)hopefully be able to pick up a few tips from you lot regarding my new purchase Had bikes for as long as i can remember,currently have two R1`s,one for the road,and one for the track,and now this
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Here's a HPN replica for sale near your old haunt in ze Fatherland, bargain, only 120 euro. :mrgreen: R100GS PD in Bodenheim | eBay
  17. Kawasaki
    Does anyone on here have any experience of the Kawasaki GTR1400, I'm thinking 2008/9 and onwards? Handling, performance, maintenance, running costs, picking the giant whale up off the floor, re-sale value etc?
1-19 of 58 Results