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  1. Transalp
    to swap or not to swap what do you recjkon a 2009 transalp 700va9 for 2008 kawasaki gtr1000 concours that is the question im going to look at it tomorrow Neil
  2. Africa Twin
    Does anyone know if its possible to do an engine swap with the VTR1000 engine? Has it been done before? Any major hurdles? G.
  3. Chatter
  4. BMW
    Been asked for a picture of my Cafe Racer and seeing it's based on an Airhead thought it best to post it in here. Excuse the intrusion :D
  5. Chatter
    Not mine and I can't speak German to well but looks like this guy has problems with mice nesting in his VTR airbox!!!!:( VTR 1000 F BJ 98 nur 110 km mit Vollem Tank ??? - ..:dieVTRcommunity:..
  6. Varadero
    Looking at possible replacements for my Alp, and I have to consider the Vara 1000. Just wondering though, I think the motor is similar to that fitted into the VTR1000 which were known to self distruct when the CCT's failed, have Honda over come this for the motor in the Vara 1000? Cheers
  7. BMW
    Yes. It's paid for, transported home and it's all mine. But, with a lot of work to do. So, if You would be so kind as to show me the direction to any Airhead specialists in the U.K. that could supply second hand parts and other essentials, I would be ever so thankful. Here she is: BMW R 100...
  8. BMW
    The final version. Quite a lot 4-sale at
1-8 of 8 Results