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  1. R1150 clutches

    Hello BMWers! My 1150 RT apparently had a new clutch fitted before i took delivery - I took it out today for a ride (first one) and it seems that the clutch is slipping!:( does the clutch need time to bed like new brake pads or do i need to go easy for a few hundred miles? I know not many...
  2. BMW R1150GS Cruise Control

    Went searching for a cruise control device today and baulked at the prices. £74 in some cases!!! Then followed a thread on UKGSer which took me to Jaws Motorcycle Parts where they are considerably cheaper and actually look better quality!! Jaws Motorcycles and Motorcycle parts supplys for the...
  3. Bits For Your R1150

    Hey boys and girls........we've got some lovely new stuff for your BMW at Rear Brake Reservoir Guard - R1150GS & R1150GSA In Silver In Black Centre Stand Guard - R1150GS Rear Splash Guard - Fits - R1200GS & GSA - R1150GS & GSA - F650GS & Dakar - HP2 Enduro...