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  1. Transalp
    anyone going with their Transalp? (it's usually a sea of R1200GS's!)
  2. Transalp
    I've just said a sad goodbye to my fourth Transalp. A 2,600 mile trip to the south of Spain and back earlier in the year made me realise that the Transalp's performance limitations, while part of its charm, make it less than ideal for covering long distances in a hurry. And in my case 'in a...
  3. Bikes For Sale / Wanted Posting on behalf of a friend. Please reply to him directly through the link above. I can vouch that this is a really well looked after bike that has wanted for nothing. Cheers B
  4. Africa Twin
    From Italian website earlier today... Honda’s New Africa Twin To Be Unveiled at EICMA? Rumors continue to leak out about Honda’s purported new Africa Twin. This time it’s Italian website Insella.IT that reports additional details about the new rumored bike. My Italian is not very good so I...
  5. Travel
    its all well and good to go for a bit of a spin like the long way round on a bmw r1200gs that looked like it crashed trough the front window of a touratech warehouse :lol: if you got the money and the time . but if life has got in the way and you got little time or money to spare for such...
  6. BMW
    I mate managed to over torque the bolts for the rear Wheel. As a result a series of cracks developed around the lugs. See Pictures:
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Last year I bought '99 AT. After 4000 km. of east europe trip, we fell in love with eachother and decided to marry. But my Africa need some make up for long term relation... we have some oil consumption problems at engine. disassambled engine and after measuring ordered 0,25 pistons...
  8. BMW
    The 2013 model year R1200GS Adventure has been presented. It did not get the new engine as per the R1250GS New for 2013 is the 90 Years Edition. Overview: Prices...
  9. Varadero
    Hi to all, i am thinking of buying a varadero, I have been thinking of getting a BMW r1200Gs but believe a Varadero may be a better buy, I have a had a dominator, transalp and africa twin and was pleased with all of them. I am looking at a 54 plate with 6000 miles on it with full luggage and a...
  10. Accessories
    Looking for a company that distributes/sells SuperTrap exhaust systems. So far I only managed to locate delars that sells system for cars, or Harleys. But I'm looking for this: SuperTrapp SuperLight Stainless Series Slip-On for BMW F650S, F800GS and R1200GS.MOV - YouTube the new supertrap...
  11. BMW
    No peeps, I've not suddenly grown up by 10" :rolleyes: I'm not in the market for a 1200! But I've had the following enquiry from some relatives in Oz. Your thoughts and experience would be welcome. Ta in advance. I/we are looking at getting a BMW R1200 GS, as it would suit the un-made up roads...
  12. BMW
    Three facelifted models: BMW F800GS Trophy, Bmw g650 gs sertao, and Bmw r1200gs rallye. The Trophy: The Sertao: And finally the Rallye:
  13. Mechanical Advice
    I`m looking for some extra spot lights to and these would fit nice. But do they really do their job or are they just as useless as cars foglights?
  14. BMW
    I have completed a project to design, build and install an 11+ litre auxiliary fuel tank to my GS. All the information is on my web site "The Engineering Emporium" Home and look under Articles. I hope to be at The Grand National in Rosedale but will probably arrive mid-day Saturday. Ride...
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    My mates 2005 R1200gs is for sale, its a damaged repaired one which is taxed and moted and is used as daily transport. It has the usual abs, hearted grips and has some bling on it well. It can be viewed in Aylebury Bucks or London, take a look at £4850 blimey thats cheap...
  16. BMW
    Found this on - Although if you have one of these BMW will have been in touch already, yes?? 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live...
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    I have for sale my 1200GS , it is an 04 on N.Ireland Plate. It has a full dealer service history. Very very good all round condition. Yellow and black. 28.7K mls. All the Wee Bits that gave bother have been replaced. £6K GBP or = in Euro
  18. Other Bikes
    Hi, My Dad has bought an R1200GS with a lowered seat on. Apparently, it is a BMW seat (so we believe) from the company. It is however too low for my Dad and I was wondering if anyone fancied swapping for their standard seat to avoid both of us having to have our seats altered. i.e. ours padded...
  19. Other Bikes
    This is the second dream bike in the latest issue of Ride Magazine (page 108) but the close up shots have the front wheel spoked but the rear wheel not spoked. Is that likely? What would be the reason?
1-19 of 20 Results