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  1. For Sale 2017 Brand New Yamaha YZF-R6.$7,199

    Dominator / FMX
    Selling Brand New Yamaha Year 2017 Model Number YZF-R6 Mileage (Five) For More Yamaha Products visit our website Website address www . esellibuy . com
  2. An uncommon common bike CX650

    Other Honda
    Just brought a 1985 CX650 seemingly a quite uncommon version of the CX500 family, only made a few 1000s worldwide for a year or so. Many of those I ride with have BMW r600/750/800 so had to get something different and found this in Cardiff when I was looking for something quite different on the...
  3. Triumph T120 spare parts

    I am heading down to Germany the weekend after next to collect a 1970 Triumph TR6 650 that my mate blew up 20 yrs ago and I need a parts supplier. This engine might turn out to be a total re-build and I need info as to where I can get the parts i will need and probably a parts catalogue. The way...
  4. Battery question...

    I'll be picking my Vara up from store in a few weeks but have the slight problem that the battery will very likely be flat...For various reasons I couldn't take it out when I parked it up and there's no leccy supply there. Sooo, one of the options is that I buy a battery, get it shipped to my...
  5. charging voltage question

    Africa Twin
    following on from my cdi dying along with the reg rec and battery i've replaced all the components and the reg rec is an R6 one. new earth from battery to frame and the wiring of the reg rec done according to a few on here. tickover on my multimeter im getting 15.2v it doesnt go up ur down when...
  6. mosfet wiring question

    Africa Twin
    when you fit the upgraded reg rec, you unplug the original round plug and blank it off with grease to stop it shorting, you the put the red and black wires to the battery. i'm using the R6 reg on mine, whats stopping me doing the same with this reg?
  7. R6/R1 reg rec question

    Africa Twin
    copied from an old thread on here The seven wires on the RD07 loom are actually only five... "The green ones and red ones are doubled up. If you look at a wiring diagram, the red ones are connected together in the loom and the green ones are also connected together in the loom. When...
  8. Standard suspension settings?

    Just been sorting a few things on my XR400(2001) and noticed that my forks seem to be set different,surely this aint right is it? Obviously im unsure if the suspension has been altered by previous owners,shouldnt they be set the same(or at least the same hieght,one sits flush and the other...
  9. Newb saying hello

    Just got my first XR,its a 400 on a Y plate(2001)hopefully be able to pick up a few tips from you lot regarding my new purchase Had bikes for as long as i can remember,currently have two R1`s,one for the road,and one for the track,and now this
  10. For Sale: Yamaha 600 Fazer (2004)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    A bit of a long shot.... A friend has his 600 Fazer up for sale, I have done the last couple of services - the bike runs & rides well (open to sensible offers) Yamaha Fazer 600 FZ6 Motorbike / Cycle 2004 R6 Engine Silver | eBay Phil
  11. BMW R65 Retro Motard

    BMW R65 Retro Motard by Mr. Martini Moto Special MrMartini Triumph moto custom customized motorcycles Edit: I tried to add some pictures, but I did not suceed.
  12. What an idiot

    Yes me. I cant believe I was so daft. I was letting a mate see the R65 and he took it out for a spin and thought it was fantastic. So as you do you chat about the bike and while I was showing him the steering lock I turned the bars and ping I've bust the only key. Fortunately I got the key out...
  13. My new project R45 / R65

    I've been sniffing round this bike for a wee while now and I've eventually managed to get it. It's a BMW R45 fitted with R65 barrels and pistons and It needs a fair bit doing to it as it's been off the road now for about 5 years. First task is to go over it and see exactly what needs doing. I...
  14. Rhein Wein Tour

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A quick afternoon tour along the Rhine:thumbright: Bingen; Looking across from Bingen towards Rüdesheim; Rüdesheim; On the ferry...
  15. TTR600 rear wheel spoke

    I have a 2003-manufactured Yamaha TTR600RE, with a broken spoke in the rear wheel on the drive sprocket side. It seems I need to buy a whole set of (expensive) spokes to get around this! Or I have been told that if I send one in that Central Wheels or Talon could copy and make me one. However...
  16. Can't make up my mind.

    There is an ex Danish Army R65GS, 1992 4-sale here, close to my town. But with only 27 hp. I wonder if it will feel slow and sluggish? I might buy it and fit a 800-1000 engine in the frame. We'll se if it's possible to haggle the price down a bit. Wish me luck!
  17. BMW R65GS on auction in Denmark

    Just a tip, there is an R65GS ex Danish Army on sale here: BMW 247 E 645 cc offroad motorcykel. til salg. P Retrade kan du kbe brugt udstyr, maskiner, kretjer og andet overskudsmateriel online. Lgg dit bud n! Something for our Danish Forum members looking for a cheap sturdy Airhead GS? There...
  18. Has anyone fitted an R1 / R6 rectifier to RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Has anyone actually fitted an R1 or R6 rectifier to their RD07 and if so has it lasted longer than the Honda or pattern part ones? Merkado shows in this thread ( how he fitted a GSXR rectifier and...
  19. R6 Reg Rec wiring

    Africa Twin
    Help! I bought an R1 R6 regulator rectifier and it came without its wiring loom . It just has 5 spade connectors on the end of it with no identification so I dont know how to match them up to the colours on my RD03 , is there some way of identifying them ?