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  1. ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW, stratford racecourse

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    anyone else on here going to this years adventure overland show at stratford racecourse? its the last weekend of september, more details (but not many!) here it was good to see how the big boys do it but there was a...
  2. British Leisure Show Friday 9th - Sunday 21st March 2010

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all. I realise that this isn't quite about motorcycling, but it is an "outdoorsy" show none the less. I will be going to show and doing a report on it on Friday for my camping forum. If you're interested here are the details. There are 2 for 1 ticket offers available. Follow the link below to...
  3. VJMCC show.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Not really a "Ride Report", but i spent the weekend at the VJMCC show in Leicestershire. The standard of most of the displays were very high, but for me there were just a few that really stood out. A Suzuki PE250 that looked fresh out of the crate .:eek: A cracking show with superb weather.:D...
  4. Royal Ascot Anyone ???

    Anyone going to Royal Ascot this year?, I live just a 5 min walk from the racecourse and have some space here to park a few bikes safely. PM me and you will be more than welcome, Members only please. BIGROG:thumbup:
  5. just off the motorway......

    Great Roads/Routes
    Had this idea for a series of posts. As I travel up and down the M6 between junctions 32 and 21 day after day I know what is just off all the junctions in between that is useful to know. I thought if I started it on that bit motorway others could add stuff about other junctions on the M6 and...